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04-21-2004, 07:03 AM
I could probably bore you with details, but I won't. Last year I found myself racing a subaru WRX. I was surprised how fast one of those cars are. It was shortly after several car lenghts in front is when I gave up (in the radar zone that the state police visit frequently) At that point is when it passed me. Once I was clear of the zone (and no cops were sitting waiting for idiots to speed by) I gave that little wrx a push for the money. It seemed that we were heading in the same direction as we got off the highway on the two lane ramp at 90mph. I decided to let it go as soon as I noticed that little car was having trouble holding the turn at that speed. The speed was at 110mph at that point. I was going to pass him, but since we were entering a 35mph zone and a hidden cross road which is usually busy at the time we were comming up on it. The driver may have been sore in loosing the first time and appeared a bit suicidal. Racing can be fun if you think before you leap, but going into a busy slow area at 110 mph is a stupid thing to do. I may be attempted to take on a challenge, but I wont do it if it may cause injury to others. Know the road first is a good thing to live with. I do not wish to invest in the pine box durby.

My Cobra
04-21-2004, 08:46 AM
way to go. gotta keep it safe. take it to the track.

04-25-2004, 01:27 AM
Yea, knowin when to quit is what really brings out the best driver. Some people get blinders on worse then a friggin horse when racing. Sounds like a nice race and all, but i'd say you pulled out at about the best time, if not maybe a little late.

Quite honestly, that is about the ONLY time I think speeding tickets are REALLY called for. If you're entering a 35 at over 100...yea...they're no excuse for that trash - toss their butts in jail :thumbsup:. I used to live on a road that came in from the country that was 35MPH. Because it's a 35MPH zone, childen tend to run back and forth on those streets pretty carelessly. However, from a teenagers lead footed point of view, it's an oppertunity to blow someone's doors of, reguardless of the upcoming drastic speed reduction. Obviously, it's be a little easier to stop a 3500 lb peice of steel at 35 as opposed to 110 if ya had to. When figurin all the algebra of the equation, it would take approximently 264 MORE feet, or 18 MORE car lengths to go from 110-0 then 35-0 (roughly 1/20th of a MILE). Know many kids that can move at the speed of light? Cause that's what it'd take to keep your butt outta jail after bein charged with vehicular homicide.

Obviously, most of us own cobras, so the need for speed runs in the blood. But as mentioned, take it to the track it you're plannin on crossin the 2x speed limit mark.

Anyhow, we all know this...just kickin the horse when it's down :mad: I work in a hospital ER, so I've known of too many kids who've lost their lives to cars doing "stunts" exactly like that, so i don't mean to come on too strong. Don't take it personal fellas.

04-27-2004, 06:30 AM
The Danger zone was well ahead with plenty of time to slow down. I was actually surpirsed to see the other driver continuing at speed. Usually that entire stretch of road including the section I was running through can be nasty depending on time of day. Usually right after lunch it is relatively quiet. I slowed down to about 60mph wich is the usual speed everybody enters that area. I was more worried about cross traffic than anything. In my opinion when there is more at stake than an ego, forget it. The one thing I would not do is race to a bottleneck. If I were to have gotten in the right lane to pass the other car in which I knew I could have done so was a choice I decided not to follow. At the time I noticed the other driver struggling to hold the turn is when I noticed the speed at which we were traveling which happened to be the point where I slowed down. There was at least a mile or so before the dead zone (meaning slow down stupid!) In that same area a few months later in the morning on my way to work, just the typical speed 50-60 MPH and luckily no vehicles behind me. For some reason or another I decided to slow down considerably prior to comming up on the blind turn then I had to hit the brakes as hard as I could since there was a road crew working on the street. I came to a complete stop and yelled at the flagman about them working without posting signs. "you need warning signs out! I would hate to see someone get hurt!" The flagman yelled back at me and said "the last time we put signs up, we had a 4 car pile up on the road". I was not the only driver who locked them up. Just as I was leaving the foreman the line of traffic behind me approaching I noticed one of the tractor trailers locked them up to slow down to a stop. I for one would have appreciated a "flagman ahead or men at work sign" to at least warn me of the possible danger ahead.