View Full Version : Steamed Rice

04-23-2004, 07:06 AM
Here is a video I ran across on the web. Couple of Ricers racing until a Cobra gets tired of them blocking the road.

Well since I cannot seem to get the file itself attached here is a link to it on another board. This one is a classic! :D

My Cobra
04-23-2004, 10:01 AM
the link will not work they must have shut it down can somebody hook me up if they find another link? they shut them down pretty fast cause they are cheap.

04-23-2004, 10:07 AM
Still works for me???

My Cobra
04-23-2004, 10:25 AM
oh ok it say that file can not be found. :( NOOOO i must see the burning of rice.

04-23-2004, 10:42 AM
Well both links are down now and the file is too big for me to upload here. Over 2MB. :(

The video shows a cavalier and a civic racing. You can hear the civic double cluthing when he shifts and starting to pull the cavalier when the guy filming says Oh S___! and here comes a black 97 Cobra vert around both of them in the turm lane. The Cobra just blows by and does not even seem to be working hard. This one is a classic!!! :thumbsup:

Any ideas on how to get this posted up???

06-01-2004, 12:23 PM
Here it is.... It is WAY FUNNY :bounce:


Why Try?
10-22-2004, 07:42 PM
thats nice, just like it should be, that cobra wasn't even warm yet!!!!!!

10-25-2004, 01:52 AM
Nice video! Wish I could have seen the look on the other driver's face!:eek: