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04-24-2004, 08:06 PM
I was just wondering what would be the widest rim you could fit in a 2000 Mustang GT. Also it has to be at least 18 inches in diameter to fit over my brakes.

04-24-2004, 11:15 PM
I'd say an 18x10 on the rear. I've got 17x10.5's on my 97 cobra, a little "massaging" and they fit perfectly. Check out this site for ideas on what wheels you can get in the 18x10's http://www.wheelreplicas.com/sstyle.htm


04-27-2004, 06:52 AM
I am ridding on 18x10's rear and 18x9.5's front BBS RK Plasma which was made for the Mustang. It all depends on what you are willing to spend. I think Rouch and Steeda both have 18" in their line up which have a 10 inch width as well. After installing the BBS wheels, I think the rears could have been wider yet. A 12 inch would have filled in nicely, but most of the wheels I found with widths larger than 10 had a much higher price tag too. $1500 on up per wheel if not more. Simmons has wheels which is a branch off of Rouh wheels in Australia and I have seen them on a Mustang GT having a 13 inch rear and an 11 inch front. The car was on the cover of "Fast Fords and Modified Mustangs" magazine a year or so ago. From time to time I still can find a picture of it in there.

04-27-2004, 01:18 PM
I bet it looks pretty sweet though anyways!

04-28-2004, 06:34 AM
The BBS wheels fill in the void in the rear fender wells nicley. Check out tirerack if you want to see what they look like. It give it that illusion that both wheels are now the same size as compared to the stock rims which where the front wheels always looked bigger than the rear. I still have that 4x4 stance though. Sooner or later will have to lower it a bit. As for the Simmons multi-piece wheels , sweet! It would have been nice to get those but the cost was too high for a summer daily driver. My goal in wheel selection was to find a rear fitment that gave a deep dish appearance along with a matching front wheel that did not have the offest. I was also after something a bit different than the average 5 spoke wheel. The BBS wheels are 1 to 2 pounds lighter than the factory 5 spoke. Wheel weight is another issue to deal with. The lower the mass the lower the inertia and the easier it is on your suspension compontents, drive line and steering components. I was even considering looking at Foose wheels too but then again that is another cost market too.

04-28-2004, 11:11 AM
I too like the Foose Rims they've got a lot of awesome rims and tires at http://www.custom-wheels-car-rims.com I JUST got a 1999 SVT Cobra. It's got the SVT rims on there but I want to sell those on E-Bay or something and get some nice sweet rims. The problem? I DO NOT know $hit about cars. Bikes are another question but car, no way dumb as hell (eg Oil changes and other easy stuff). Would it be better to buy some suspension first, BEFORE the Rims/Tires. I figured 20" because it NOT ONLY looks SWEET but the bigger the rim the better the handeling, IF you have the proper components (ie. Suspension). I do have the money, I'm ONLY 23 so that's WHY I do NOT know much about this car stuff. I got lucky falling into this money and want to put some into my SVT. I also want a Chip, Vortech supercharger and everything BUT NOS. Won't need it. Do I need to tell you this BEFORE the size of the wheels? Weight and all? If 20"'s don't fit cool, But I KNOW that 19"'s do. Even if I NEED 18"'s but the car handles better and stuff.
Front and back tires ARE THEY the SAME? I have NO IDEA! I know what your thinking a RICH kid with a car handed to him. Even if that WAS the truth, I'm asking you guys for your help, please! I'm COMPLETLY lost. Thanks, Chris Connors.
I like the Foose Lusso Chrome 20x8.5 Inch FWD (http://www.custom-wheels-car-rims.com/Store_Detail.cfm?ID=113417&InfoID=3441) but will they fit. And are they for the front or back. I want some nice five star, "Spinners" but I AM NOT spending over 4k. I NEED to START leasrning somewhere. Thanks again fellows!

04-29-2004, 06:49 AM
The first place to start is to determine what the offset of the wheel should be, especially since you have a 1999 cobra. What make the SVT different is the indipendent rear suspension (IRS) vrs the solid axle. Since the IRS has more underpinnings or components that get close to the wheel, the inside offset is critical. I am not exactly sure if there is much of a difference in clearance as compared to a mustang GT but there is some to a small degree. If you could find a nice wheel having the same inner offset as the factory wheel then it should fit properly so that the back side of the wheel and or tire does not make contact with the car when the IRS is moved up or down. Wheels specifically made for Mustangs are your best bet, it gets more difficult when trying to find custom wheel that is different than everybody elses. One tip, if you live in the snow belt you could keep your factory wheels and mount snows on them. That is what I did, even though I have another vehicle Explorer 4wd, it has been known to break down when it is needed the most. Sure, spinners look neat, but when it comes time to cleaning them after all the road grime and brake dust gets on them, have fun cleaning them. My preference is a good solid wheel that is easy to clean and looks nice even when dirty. Aluminum wheels offer more than what meets the eye. Since aluminum works well as a heat sink (draws heat away from hot surfaces) your rotors will thank you since the aluminum aids in drawing heat away from the brakes. The more surface area of the wheel the better the cooling of the brakes. Then comes the looks. What is it exactly that you are after? A three piece wheel, (Simmons, Rouh, Welds and other brands) may offer a deeper dish for the rear. Or if you like the FWD look which is basically the Factory rims which will fit both front or rear. The widest wheel that will fit on the front of the car without modifications to the front suspension is limited to 9.5 inches. With that in mind, a 9.5 inch wheel will stick out of the fender well about 1/2 inch. As for the rear, you could get at least 12 inches which would be flush with the top of the rear fender. As for Wheel size, and whether or not you are planning on lowering the cobra will limit the height of the wheel. One thing to remember, it will get harder to find good rubber for larger wheels. The worst thing you could do is get rubber that has a lower speed rating. Another thing to think about, the taller the wheel the thinner the side wall, and the more likely you will get wheel damage if you live in an area with crappy roads (pot holes) which is common in the snow belt areas. The last thing, Wheel sizes larger than 17" will affect your speedometer. With 18" and 275/35/18 rubber, I have a 4% error on my speedometer. There is hope since there is a product called speedcal that connects to your transmission to correct the speed signal to the instrument cluster. Your best bet would be to communicate with some of the wheel gurus who make the wheels. Just tell them what you are driving and what you are looking for in a wheel and they may help direct you in finding what you want. Good Luck in your search. It took me close to a year to find something close to what I wanted.

04-29-2004, 10:49 AM
Ah the spinners look to tacky anyways you're right. So some nice Aluminum wheels, what do you feel about chrome? Also THANKS for letting me know EVERYTHING that you typed. I WISH everyone would help out like you. That I DO appreciate. Chris. Still looking for wheels like the foose!? What do you think?

04-30-2004, 06:41 AM
I have yet to experience Chrome on Aluminum. I have seen it, just about all of the designer wheels in chrome are aluminum. At first I thought the BBS RK plasmas were chrome, they almost look like they are, but use the same coating process that ceramic coated headers use, high metallic coating which is baked on. Chrome plate on aluminum looks great!, tripple plate chrome is even better. What is nice about chrome plated aluminum vrs chrome plated steel is that it does not rust like the steel wheels do. I have seen Foose on several TV shows, and the work he does is unbelievable. Foose does not cast wheels, they are cut on a computerized end mill. Just remember you are selecting the wheel to compliment the car, offer improved road handling, and to be different. What is as important as the wheel if not more is the rubber you put on them. Just remember one thing, the wider the wheel, the harder it will be to find rubber for them since most tires are manufactured with the automaker in mind hence tire widths tend to run in factory wheel sizes more so than for custom sizes. If you play your cards right, you will have a nice set of wheels for your ride and the grip you need to keep your car on the road. Don't go for nice wheels and cheezy tires. Since the only tire you will find with wide widths and low profile will be strictly summer type tires, they will not work well when temperatures drop below 40F for which I can make that claim with experience which is how I wound up putting snow tires on the original factory rims. I was impressed on how well the snows functioned in the snow. Much better than blowing rooster tails 30ft out from the car and going no where fast. Michilin Pilot Sport AS tires which were rated for winter dirving did not favor well in snow. Just a reminder, if you live where it may snow, you might consider keeping the factory rims for snow tires. Why? because most of the low profile tires have extremely stiff sidewalls, and once the bead is set, they connot be removed without damage. Besides that, who would want to get all that salt on expensive rims anyway?

04-30-2004, 10:12 PM
Alright, "Aussie" since you've HELPEED me the MOST out of picking my wheels I MIGHT MAYBE thrown in a SPARE for you, SERIOUSLY! And THIS is just to let ALL you other guys KNOW that HELPING someone out that doesn't know crap about cars REALLY does pay off. I'd be kinda cool to have an extra sweet spare tire and rim, right Aussie? So I have a '99 Cobra with the RID so what, If this was YOUR car, would you go for or purchase?
I NEED wheels, Tires too. I've got the dough. So what would YOU go with if you were me Rims AND tire size. and I'll look into it. And if everything goes right" I'll hook you up with, JUST ONE, with tire, a BRAND NEW Fosse rim around that SAME price. Just ONE though, It's all I can AFFORD! You could use it as a spare :) Thanks Man for helping me out AND IT WILL pay off. Besides what have you really got to lose, typing time.
My word I give you, just tell me the best rims and tires, suspension if I need any just for my wheels and ANYTHING else that I MIGHT need to do BEFORE I get these PHAT wheels. Also where you saying that there IS a wayto FIX your speedo and odo.? Thanks. Also what do you think about "Super Chips" or "Chips"? Thanks again Aussie, Chris Connors.
You're THE MAN, Aussie"! For real, Thanks! :)

05-01-2004, 10:28 AM
Thanks Chris, I think you gave me all the rewards that is necessary. I have been down that road ever since I got my 2001. I have spent countless hours on searches for just the perfect wheel, tires, etc...... A good tip of advise is try out an issue of "muscle mustangs & fast fords" or what ever other mustang magazines are out there. or you could always visit there web sites or other mustang clubs on the net. I do not have any ties with any company of such, but I will admit to finding some articles helpful. As for the speedo thing, it is called "speed cal". It is an electronic devise that connets between the transmission and signal cable which is used to change the digital bits to compensate for the difference or changes that occur when going to large rims or gear ratios or both. As for wheels, it is up to the individual owner since it is the individual owner who has to be impressed with them. What I like does not mean it is a total win by others. I have seriously looked at Simmons, but the price per wheel was too high for my budget. I could have easily bought them, or if I desired to do so, spend up to $2000 per wheel. I took the easy way out and found some wheels that came close to my expectations in finding something exclusively made for the mustang that were not 5 spoke. I hope that I have offered the right information to guide you in the right direction, or at least aided you in asking the right questions to the wheel manufacture if you decide to get custom wheels. I mentioned Foose since he is a designer who could do just about anything. I am certian he has a standard selection, but his company also does extreme custom. If you had serious intentions of doing business with Foose, I would send off an e-mail (there should be some way to do that on his web site). First off, inquire what it would cost for custom rims for a mustang in a design that will compliment the car, what the wheel widths for front and rear you desire, and of course the diameter. It does not hurt to ask for a price quote. If it seems to be in your budget, you can proceed from there and ask for some sketches which may cost a few bucks which should be out of the cost of the quote. I would probably write: " Mr. Foose, I have seen your web site and have seen your work on several TV shows. I am inspired by the detail you place in your work and would like to inquire a quote for custom wheels for my vehicle. At this time I am only looking for budgetary costing. If I find it reaonable, I may inquire to have some sketches done so that I can choose on a design. If you could, please include the cost of the sketching in the quote."
If you want to see the mustang with the simmons wheels, look at the following: www.dugan-racing.com (http://www.dugan-racing.com/) You could even do a search on Simmons, I do not recall what the actual web site is but I have been there and saw some really nice wheels. Even though the mustang in the pictures has some really wide wheels, 13 in the rear, and 11 in the front, the suspension is not stock in the front but was replaced with that from a lincolin. The next thing you would want to do is lower the car. It is best to get the wheels and tires first before you lower it. As for which is the best wheel, that is a tough question to answer. The best wheel is the one you like at a price that is reasonalbe. Even though I bought BBS wheels, I would have been just as happy with a set of the Cobra R wheels in chrome, but then my car would look like everybody elses. For one, I would avoid heavy wheels, sure there are many styles out there for SUV's that may even fit the mustang, but you will find the steering response to be lacking an or more difficult. Just remember this, even though you will be getting more tire response with a lower profile wheel and if you get really grippy tires, you will feel every divot, groove in the road. The car will want to follow the ruts more so than with the stock rubber. I have had Michillen Pilot Sports AS (I could not get the summer versions) and they wandered on the back roads considerably. Even with Bridgestone Potenza Pole position S-03 (which I rate these #1 so far) I still have to maintain a positive grip on the steering wheel while driving on some of the back roads, they do not wander as bad as the Michillins but the grip is the best I ever experienced. One good resource is tirerack. Not only do they have test reports on all of the tire brands, they also have customer feedback too. Hence having an unbiased opinion of tires is a held in selecting a tire. Resources like this forum has been a help as well, but I am new in here, I have spent many hours at other forums (AFM forums which lead me here, stangnet, mustangworld, and others), but found this one to be more interesting.

05-01-2004, 05:28 PM
ALL four rims ARE the SAME size though, right? Because now I'm looking at the Veloche Ventoso 18x8.5 inch Chrome RWD - Wheels - Tires - Free Shipping (http://www.custom-wheels-car-rims.com/Store_Detail.cfm?ID=115402&InfoID=3769) Will that fit properly also what tire size should I get. I got BF Goodrich Comp T/A ZR 245/45 ZR17 (I NEED new tires anyway - $1000.00 for 4 tires). I get the diameter size and all but NOT the diameter and the width part. I'm stilll working on that :)

05-02-2004, 08:45 AM
The Veloche Ventoso are nice looking, :thumbsup: unfortuantely, they are SUV wheels which may make them a bit on the heavy side. I tried the fitment guide using your data 1999 mustang (there was no selection for the SVT Cobra, the only fitment problem would be the rear). The Ventoso's did not make the list. I know the mustang is rear wheel drive, but Ford used a Front Wheel drive offset in their design of the vehicle. The problem is simply this, you cannot put a rear wheel drive offset on the front..... :mad: Ever take notice when looking at the car at an angle from the front that the rear wheels seem to sink in a bit? That is because the factory wheels are FWD offset wheels which has a double purpose, 1 is for tire roatation, 2 is that ford only has to stock one wheel dimension. Even though they are 8.5 inch wheels in width, they will stick out in the front due to the type of offset. Now we are talking old school here, where the RWD offset meant that the mounting part of the wheel was closer to the inner edge of the rim. In other words, RWD goes from the inside out, verses FWD is the opposite. In most cases, you will find that RWD fitments are generally intended for SUV's and trucks. Look at most of the performance vehicles that are RWD, they use an FWD offset, why? Longer control arms aids in stability vrs shorter control arms. The wheels used are usually deep, but they mount on the outside part of the wheel. When you want that old school look (deep dish rears and flush fronts) many people end up putting wide body kits on to accomodate the wider wheel. Here is where it gets tricky, the mustang does not fall into the FWD or RWD category (with the exception of the 2005 model which is more so a FWD fitment front and rear) it is in both. Now to find a wheel that is made with a FWD for the front and RWD for the rear with the same design, Unless you don't mind the rear sitting in a bit. Of course there are rear spacers with lug nuts, but I am not sure if that is street legal, I would recommend not going that route unless absolutely necessary. If the ventoso wheels are the do or die wheel, then I would recommed contacting the wheel maker and ask if there would be a fitment issue with the ventoso in the front. As for the tire size, I am not sure what to use for a 20 inch. I would not go larger than a 35 profile The 35 is a percentage of the wheel width that is on the side wall. All measurements are in metric. A 275/35/20 is 10.8 inches wide, 3.78 inches in the side wall (subract about an inch for the bead) and you wind up with about 3 inches in the side wall. The tire would be 26 inches in diameter when mounted on a 20 inch wheel which is 2 inches larger than the stock 245/45/17 which is approximately 24 inches in diameter. In all honesty, here is a tip that I leaned by experience, with the mustang, and performance compound tires, you get more life out of the tire if you do not rotate them since the front tires will not wear as much as the rears. You only need to replace two tires (rears) instead of 4 when inspection time rolls around :D continued in the next reply.....

05-02-2004, 09:27 AM
As you can see, since the mustang still has a bit of it's heritage more so from the mid 70's than the mid 60's it is sort of a half breed. Since the chassis was born from a Ford Fairlane, but re-skinned, it had a simple beginning. It is now more complex than it's ancestors. For example, the 10 inch cobra wheel, which every body has now adays, had a really long hub to maintain the inner offset. What makes looking for different wheels is that there are not many to choose from that provide both a FWD and RWD offest with the same wheel pattern especially in cast form. Three piece is another story since they can reverse the the two pieces that are the rim of the wheel. If you go that route, you will not be able to rotate the wheels.
As for spinners, I never said that they are tacky, I think that some of them are cool looking, but how would you keep them clean? It all depends on what you intend to do with your car, If it is just for show, then anything is can be done, but if you intend to race it on the road course ( or on the back roads when nobody is watching :D ) you would be more pleased with a light weight wheel which has the strenght intended for such abuse.
As for the ventoso's I would inquire the company or distributor about the fitment issue before purchasing the wheels. IF the wheel fits the front, it will fit the rear easily since the rear brakes are smaller and provide more clearance than the one's in the front. What makes it difficult to find wheels, is that the majority of wheels are designed for the tuner import market and or SUV's They do not consider HOT ROD's as a majority, which is the class where the mustang fits into. The prices are reasonable, it cost me close to $3000 for two 18x10 with 275/35/18 bridgestone potenz Pole position S-03 and two 18x8.5 with 245/40/18 and the same rubber. It is truely a hair pulling experince to find wheels. I am not trying to steer you away from the ventoso's, but I would ask either the manufacture or retailer on the fitment issue. Just tell them what you are driving and see what they say in response. I am not much of a wheel guru, but I do understand some of the basics involved. I did however start my agonizing search with no knowledge what so ever on the subject until I dug in to find wheels to compliment my car. As for 20 inches, the tire selection will be limited to some degree, especially when the dealer only has a limited selection for the wheel package deals. Shop around, I even found another dealer that had the same rims that I have at a lower cost, but they over priced the tires by $80.00 each. Even though I spent $30 to $40 over on the wheels, I saved $80.00 per tire. One tip that may help you a great deal (if you have not done that already) look in your local phone book and look for a performance wheel shop, if you find several, go to each store. Get them to help you out with weel selection, and if they have all the equipment to mount the wheels, etc... you would have al least found a good location for tire replacement. You do not have to buy the wheels from them, but at least you may find what you are looking for and possibly get some information to aid in purchasing on-line if that is your intentions. One thing I found out is that the rims I have now, use a different machine to mount the tires (known as reverse mount) and there is only one or two shops that have such equipment. Going else where would cause more damage to the wheel than the cost of the tire installation.