View Full Version : Black cars and bicycles do not mix

05-15-2004, 09:09 AM
:mad: There is a show today and a huge scratch along my passenger's door caused by my nephew while riding his bicycle in my parents driveway. Unfortunately the scratch is deep and may require power tools I do not have to buff it out. It looks as if it is down to the color coat through the clear. I was able to clean it up with meguir's scratch out, but it is too deep to hide it. I am not sure if I would make the futile attempt to compound it out before the show since it is only a few hours away. Oh well, so much for a perfect paint job. At least I did not spend money for a custom paint like the mystic or the new mystichrome. I heard that blending that type of paint is difficult. Did you know that the door panels are fiberglass (or plastic)? I am greatful that they are otherwise there would have been a nasty dent to go along with the 10 inch long 0.250" width scratch that sticks out like a sore thumb on a black mirror finnished car. I guess it is time to go out and buy a polishing buffer. I have compounded cars in the past and they turned out very nicely, but non of them were black. As for the kid, he banged up his knee prety good in the process of colliding with my car, so in other words he got self inflicted punnishment. He is okay other wise. Sure I was angry at the moment and of the fact what had happened, but I am not angry with the kid because I know I did things like that when I was his age. I think my father was more upset than I was. I cooled him down by saying I bet my sister and I did far more things when we were that age to the point you lost count.

The cobra is just a car and it will get road soars from time to time, all I can do is preserve the car to the best of my ability. Any tips on compounding would be appreciated.

My Cobra
05-30-2004, 01:12 PM
dang. I get scared when kids ride bikes next to my car so i alwase park across the street. Or try to park as far away. I did the same thing when i was a kid to my dads vette. he was not happy so not any time kids are over i put the car in the garage lock the garage hide the door opener and put a car cover on my car. ha ha a little bit extreme but for as much as i put in to my paint it is worth it. I doi nto know much about how to reapir it though sorry :(

05-31-2004, 01:05 AM
I buffed it out the best I could with polishing compound. It is not as noticable, but oh well, it goes with all the paint chips :(