View Full Version : My modded 3000gt vr4 vs. 03 cobra (near stock)

05-17-2004, 12:51 PM
Hey all,

Just wanted to let you guys know that we over at 3si.org really appreciate your cars and I personally would like to say WOW:thumbsup: . I have been building up my car for the past few months and went to the track yesterday. I met Colin with a 2003 mustang SVT cobra, near stock (new mufflers is it), and he was damn fast and a great driver to boot.

We became friendly because we were the only non-riced out/respectible sports cars there. I am car #36, he is #48

Boy was it hot outside.
about 80...so maybe 90+ at the track w/60% humidity.

My first run sucked---I missed 2nd gear, and then missed 3rd... I guess I was a bit nervous. LOL

2nd run
Still feeling out the launch and was really hoping to beat the cobra this time--NO MIS SHIFT is all i could think.
I did okay... but lost by .02 to the 03 cobra

3rd run--
still felt much room for improvement b/c i was hoping for 12.5 or lower...kept boost at 15psi but wanted to get a better 60' than 1.84

1.760 60' :-D :-D
Still much slower than I wanted, a bit disappointed but at least I know i can launch this ***** as good or better than most.

4th run--same thing as above

5th run ---best run----LOOK AT MY 60' TIME!!!!!!!!!!

last run i missed 2nd again and ran a 13.57 so i decided to go home.
Not too shabby for a 90-100 degree track although I was hoping for better.
Please feel free to comment !!! Suggestions?

vids--i don't know which is which to be honest..
http://www.aquagenstore.com/vids/51404a.MOV video 1
http://www.aquagenstore.com/vids/51404b.MOV video 2
http://www.aquagenstore.com/vids/mevscobra.MOV video 3
http://www.aquagenstore.com/vids/my127run.MOV this was my 12.7sec run

sorry bout the vids, it was my friends first time taking the vids on my cam...so he missed a few launches.

05-17-2004, 01:27 PM
welcome to the board kcaz007, seems like you got good times. Thanks for the vids. Those VR4's can cut some mean 60's.. and its always nice to see one modded right and not riced out :D :thumbsup:

05-21-2004, 02:37 PM
Your last 60' time was great!! :thumbsup:

BTW: Welcome to the boards

List the mods you have done.