View Full Version : rfinement to mods (custom tuned chip)

05-19-2004, 11:57 AM
I just got back from a trip to indianapolis. I went to kenny brown and they mocked up a new strut tower bar. they are going to send a production one to me as soon as they are done. I went to the svt meeting there mon night it was a good group of people. The best part of my trip was the time I spent with Brent Hiday at Automotive Specialists (www.auto-spec.com) they did a custom tuned chip on the dyno for my kenne bell set-up. I was having some glitches and bell reflashed my chip and my mileage went to s**t ! I know now that it is pretty much a must do thing when you modify a blown engine I got 21 mpg @ 80-90 mph on the way home .the ability to micro manage the tune is way cool. they found another 20 ft lbs of torque and I have the same hp# at 87 degress farenheit with a wet low preassure system in indy as i did when i first dyno'd my car at 30 degrees in a winter high preassure system with a cold car and intercooler. kenne bells chips are way safe which is a good thing for the masses, but if you want highly refined performance you have to get a cusm tuned chip.