View Full Version : 03 Mach 1 parts for sale - LIKE NEW!!

05-28-2004, 05:28 PM
Our Mach 1 is coming home the second week in June. We will have for sale - the following:
(Mach presently has approx. 4000 babied miles)

355 gears (newly replaced - by Ford several months ago - approximately 1500 babied miles)
tokico shocks and struts (take offs)

Mach 1 tires and wheels
(excellant condition)

stock exhaust system (excellant condition)

stock shifter

and a few other things...

I don't have any prices yet - should be working that out soon but feel free to make offers.

If anyone is interested, we are going to the SCMC 5th Anniversary celebration in Pigeon Forge - we have a trailer and should have lots of room to bring anything if you'd like to purchase it and save on shipping ---


(visit this site to check out the event)

05-28-2004, 05:32 PM
here's a picture of the Mach 1 -
we have the 03 Cobra wheels on it - these are not for sale....

the tires and wheels that are for sale are the stock ones that the Mach 1 comes with...

05-28-2004, 05:34 PM
here's a pix of a Mach 1 - stock tires and wheels --

ours are in storage -
and for sale! very little miles on the tires - tires are like brand new!
wheels are in excellant condition!

:thumbsup: :bounce:

approx. price (not including shipping)
coming soon....

the black bags?
those are heavy duty industrial bags that I put over the tires and wheels when I do the 1st step of Zaino (dawn and clay bar) ...
that helps protect them from the dawn !! :thumbsup: :bounce: