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05-29-2004, 12:17 AM
I’ll try to keep this short. I am not bragging. I know there are plenty of people who can smoke my car but…. (also the guy I beat didn’t have a chance)

Tonight on the way home some kid in a Honda with a fart can reved his engine at me. Well I was very close to home on an open 4 lane highway. No cars in front of us. This all added up to more than my better judgment could take. Besides I had just been to a car hangout talking cars with some Chevy and Ford guys so I was already in the mood. I have a particular hate for fart canned Hondas for some reason, even though my daily is an Accord. I simply can not take the fact that some Honda thinks he is fast. PLEASE!!!!

After this kid reved at me and continued I had too much time to stew about this dumb guys attitude. (It needed an adjustment) So I smoked by him and then slowed because we were not in a good spot for the dirty work I was about to hand him. You should have seen the big black puff of smoke his coffee can let out once he saw my headlights jump up from behind him. I think the old coffee is gone for sure.

He of course sped up and passed me and I was content that he understood that his car was meant for groceries not racing.

When I thought he was going to turn off at the next off ramp he didn’t he kept going so… There were now no cars around at all, perfectly straight road and a ricer that was dumber than I thought. He was in the slow lane and I was in the fast lane. He slowed to about 50 to be sure I caught up. He rolled his window down so I asked if he had a turbo. He simply said “On four” so I nodded and waited for four beeps while looking for the right gear. He didn’t beep… He reved four times and bolted. I still didn’t have the right gear so he shot out about two or three car lengths. At this point I said screw it and just floored it. Within about 2 seconds I was even and I pulled him as if he was still and I was doing about 20 mph. I let off when I was about 100 yards in front of him. NO CONTEST!! Of course it wasn’t I am driving an 03’ Cobra. Duh!! Dumb rice. It took awhile for him to even catch up when I had the brakes on. He pulled up next to me and I simply told him there was too many cops and I was done for the night. I slowed and pulled behind the rice and when I got to my turn off he gave me a thumbs up. I don’t think he will bother with any more Mustangs after that. Maybe I am wrong. Who knows.

Now of course I feel guilty because I really do not condone street racing. I think it is wrong and I should be more careful about letting people get the best of me. I know I am smarter but every now and then when the right situation arises…..

I hate those Hondas… I should be happy I got the Cobra and let the “wanna be” guys alone.

Still that Cobra surprises me how fast it is stock. (just a Cat Back exhaust) Smoking this ricer is an understatement… He got spanked BAD.

Now don’t you guys start posting that I should “Pick on someone my own size”
He started and I finished and gained a little respect for the REAL cars... Ford That Is!!
I don’t think the ricer will soon forget the sound of a whining supercharger and a V8 zooming by.

Mr. Ed
06-16-2004, 09:21 PM
Well Done! My sentiments exactly! Can't stand, will NOT tolerate "fart cans".:mad: :flush: :evil: :fart: :teleport: :thumbsup:

06-20-2004, 07:24 PM
Glad you won that race ... but I always say. "That's just incentive to get more boost".

Besides, 03/04 Cobra are now the newest measuring stick for every import driver looking for a V8. Mustang GTs are usually the main target, but every now and then they need to step up and measure their mods.

You just showed him how far he's gotta go!! :D