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My Cobra
05-31-2004, 01:29 AM
I am pretty sure it was a Acura TL. That is what some people told me. Anyway I was a ta stop light and he pulls up looks at me so i take off fast becuase you know i am male and have to prove my self. ha ha. So he took off at the same time i droped it in to 2nd at about 6k. 2nd i was at about 4k and i was 2 car lenghts in front of him i was like ok this is enuff so i put it in 3rd and he comes flying by flips me off or gives me the rock on sign i am not sure it was kinda dark. My g/f said he flipped me off so with that i follow him on to the 4 lane get behind him do about 80 he takes off when i try to get up beside him he does liek 100 and never lets me catch up so i follow him doing about 80 and he slows down every now and then trying to get me to speed up so he can take off and make it look like he won becuase i am pretty far behind him since i slowed down. There is a red light ahead on the 4 lane i catch up to him and pass him he gets behind me i speed up to 80 he flashes his lights and i drop a gear and take off do about 110 and i am 3 car lenghts in front of him he is trying to catch up. So i decide i have had enough and do not want to kill my self or my g/f so i slow down to about 80 and he passes by me liek a bat outta hell. i follow him almost to his house and then turn around and head home ha ha. gave me a little thrill

My Cobra
05-31-2004, 01:40 AM
It was this or a Acura TL. I am not sure but i woudl think for 270 hp on a TL it woudl have kept up a lot better than it did. the guy had it pegged.