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06-05-2004, 03:46 PM
Just purchase my 04 Cobra and thinking of some mods but have some questions first.

Anybody have Diablo Sport ECU and power pulley out there on there ride? How do you like it and what could I expect from this upgrade? I was told this would add 50-60 RWHP and 100ft lbs of torque by increasing boost about 4-6lbs. With this added power how will the drivetrain hold up (trans, rear etc.). I read that the stock 6spd will only handle up to 440ft lbs of torque. With the added boost the gauge would be pinned also, since it only goes up to 10. Is there a larger range gauge available for this mode (in dash).

Also I have a little tranny girggle taking off in first. This only happens in normal everyday driving. Is this normal?

Thanks everyone, looking forward to talking to you all!:D

06-05-2004, 04:30 PM
There are so many pulley and tune combo's out there it's ridiculous. If your car is stock, the best place to start is by picking up either an "open K&N" filter, or cold air induction of your choice. Steeda, Amazon racing, JLT, MAC and Pauls High Performance just to name a few. This will make your blower a touch louder, and some see a touch of a boost increase. Next, add an aftermarket exhaust of your choice. Magnaflow, Bassani, Borla, flowmaster, etc. With the filter and a catback, expect 400 horsepower to the wheels. With at least 400 to the wheels, you've still retained 100% reliability, and decent punch. Plus, you've still got your warranty. If anything breaks, (engine wise), these are quickly put back to stock, and you're in there like swim wear. A mid pipe (H or X pipe) will probably net about 7-10rwhp, and headers maybe a few more. Pulleying down seems like one of the better things to do to these cars, but I believe the second you do that, your warranty is gone. Yeah, you can put it back to stock, but the pulley will show signs of it being removed. Plus, with a pulley you're looking at a tune. If you put a chip in, consider it the engine warranty voided. Once you scrape the seal off the contacts, it's obvious something was there. Now, you can "flash" the computer with a Diablo Predator, or Superchips custom flasher, and then flash it back to stock easily, but the pulley still shows signs. Anyway, a pulley depending on the size will increase power by about 10-15 rwhp per pound of boost. Now, once you spin the eaton past it's efficiency range, that will drop off. (I think a 2.80 upper) is about all it can handle efficiently. Expect with full exhaust, cold air induction, upper pulley (size depending) and a tune, 450-480 rear wheel horsepower and equal torque.