View Full Version : Porsche Carrera GT Top Gear videos (MAJOR DUW) and more

06-09-2004, 10:30 AM
Ok, some of us were talking about the Carrera and the Top Gear Videos came up... here are the must see videos. Beware that they are HUGE in file size.

Porsche Carrera GT (http://www.sleepy-fish.com/sleepy/Top_Gear_Porsche_Carrera_GT_hi.wmv) 42megs

Mercedez McLaren SLR (must see the ceramic brakes at night scene) (http://www.sleepy-fish.com/sleepy/Top_Gear_SLR_hi.wmv) 34megs

Mercedez Mercedes SLR Track test (http://www.sleepy-fish.com/sleepy/Top_Gear_SLR_Stig_hi.wmv) 10 megs

GT3 vs. 360CS (http://www.sleepy-fish.com/sleepy/Top_Gear_GT3RS_vs_360CS_hi.wmv) 62megs

Lotus Exige vs The Apache Helicopter (http://www.sleepy-fish.com/sleepy/Top_Gear_Exige_hi.wmv) 45megs

Lotus Exig track test (http://www.sleepy-fish.com/sleepy/Top_Gear_Exige_Stig_hi.wmv) 10megs

Chrysler Crossfire (Must see :rotf: Top Gear bad mouth this car) (http://www.sleepy-fish.com/sleepy/Top_Gear_Crossfire_hi.wmv) 27 megs

MG Rover SV (must see, cobra power MG, gotta hear what they say about the motor) (http://www.sleepy-fish.com/sleepy/Top_Gear_Rover_SV_hi.wmv) 35megs

The Rest (http://www.sleepy-fish.com/other_veh.htm)

Enjoy (hope the guys has some massive bandwidth)