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06-10-2004, 01:22 PM
I am selling my car and have been planning on buying a supercharged cobra between 96-01. Recently I realized if I just buy a cheaper chasis, I could just have someone build me an INSANE motor that would be completely streetable.. Now I just need advice on where to start with this. I am selling my 03 gt and should get between 18-20 for it. With this money i need to buy a 94-01 chasis with low miles and use the left over $8-12k or so to build a motor. Where would you guys recommend i look for a motor first off. and second which engine would be the best building block in the long run. I can get any motor/body style, dont care if its gt or cobra. So either buy a 5.0 and build it from ground up and use a 94-95 gt/cobra body or get a 4.6 from a gt/cobra and build it using a 96-98 body. Which would be cheaper to get to about 5-600 rwhp with forged internals? http://www.modularmustangs.net/images/smilies/dunno.gif Thanks and throw out any suggestions/opinions http://www.modularmustangs.net/images/smilies/bigok.gif