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Roger Davis
06-11-2004, 08:24 AM
August 4th 5th the Apex Peformance group will be running it's event at the world famous 3.7 mile Grand Prix course at Watkins Glen NY.
Last week Ken Walder brought two first timers, Fred Fetzer and Bruce Cameron to the Glen along with their trio of very fast R model Cobras to give the Glen a test run.
To say they were impressed is an understatement.

The Apex group gives you the most track time, 5 hrs for Open trackers per day and 2 1/2 hrs for students.:thumbsup:

If you have ever wanted to run Watkins Glen this is a great opportunity as this is one of the newer clubs and their events are not overcrowded like so many older clubs.

$210.00 per day and garages are free. Bring the whole family as Watkins Glen is huge and plenty of places for the kids to explore.

For more info and registration,



Roger Davis

06-11-2004, 08:55 AM
Hey Roger, Welcome! I was just going to post this and Joe Q's event for August....we also have an open track/racing section in the forums, so its probably a good idea to post it there as well.... :thumbsup: