View Full Version : THEFT light is Blinking!!!

06-30-2004, 12:54 PM
For the past two days, every time I start my snake the Theft light blinks the whole damn time I'm running the car. But if I turn it off and start it again, it stays off.

Any ideas???

06-30-2004, 01:37 PM
do you have anything bypassing your ignition?

Usually, when the Theft light blinks, it means that the PATS (passive anti Theft system) is trigered. Which means that you are trying to start the car with a key that does not contain the proper chip which is programed into the ECU. When this happens, it should not let you start the car. Electrical shorts, or improper grounding can cause this. I would scan the ODBII to see if it is throwing codes and check the ground on the ECU.


06-30-2004, 04:10 PM
There is nothing bypassing the ignition.

I'll try what you suggested, thanks for the info. :thumbsup:

06-30-2004, 04:43 PM

also, if you get a chance, swing by a auto parts store and have them test the battery.

07-04-2004, 07:18 AM
That is odd that the engine turns over. :twitchy: You could always drive it like you slole it (only kidding). If you don't discover any issues with the ODBII codes or you cannot detect any ground faults or the battery is in good condition, there is one thing that even ford will not tell you (the keys have a life span, and over time they tend not to work) I would try the spare key and see if that changes anything. Which reminds me I should check my spare key to see if it is still functional. They have had this problem ever since they introduced the chip in the key (with Lincolins). There will be a point in time when you will have to replace the keys and reprogram new ones. Also note, that there is a certain number of keys that can be programmed by your on board computer. When this number is exceeded you cannot program any more keys. I think the life expectancy of the keys are 5 to 8 years. I know someone who had a lincolin LS who had this issue with the key which occured within 5 years of ownership. It is not just common with fords either, Chevey (cadilac) has this issue as well. I still remember arguing about the chip, wheter there is a battery in the key or not. Several other engineers including myself were arguing over whether the chip requires a battery. It is possible that the key may be the problem if it is not the other things that Firme sugested. I certainly hope that I am wrong in suspecting the key, because sooner or later there will be many unhappy motorist with cars they cannot start. I am sure that the technology within the key is reliable, but makes me wonder how durable it is. I have seen some strange things in my carrer which makes me wonder why things fail, until you discover that one person on the manufacturing floor is mishandling the product which caused the damage to the micro. In other words, try not to drop your keys too much since this could cause damage to the silicon chip within the key (especially if there are any voids or defects in the material that houses it). I will not bore you with details if I have not done so already.