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07-05-2004, 10:42 PM
What do you do with the door bezel once the blacks starts to peal off. My old GT did the same thing and it was a nightmare to try and get it all off and smooth so that I could paint it. I tried stripper, sandblasting, scraping. I finally just had to sand and sand and sand. I would actually like to get it prepped for paint, then use a buckskin color to match the interior, if I didn't like it after awhile, I could always go over it with black. Any suggestions?
Thanks and God Bless
P.S. I got a tip on how to get the seat to go back an extra 1.75 inches, it would have only taken an hour to to, but I had to clean the carpet once I had the seat out.

07-13-2004, 04:03 PM
I know what you mean about the chipping, but I do not know a fix aside from the sanding and painting. Maybe the best thing to do is just scavenge the junk yards.

Whats your seat mod? I know have seen bracket kits around, but never really looked into them that much.

07-13-2004, 04:08 PM
That would be a kind of cool idea to cover them with something that looks like leather. Or some other material like you are talking about. Would never have to worry about it chipping again.

07-14-2004, 11:46 AM
There is a website that had pix and instructions, but I have misplaced it. But her it is, very simple.
Disconnect your power seat wire under the seat.
Remove two bolts and two nuts that hold the seat to the floor.
Pull the seat out and place upside down on a towel.
Separate the other two wire clips under the seat.
Remove the 4 bolts that hold the bracket to the seat.
You will still use the rear holes in the seat bracket, but you will slide the bracket forward to the next set of holes already drilled in the seat bottom.(These holes are not threaded, but with slight pressure, the existing bolts will tap right in, and tighten up fine)
However, before installing these bolts, you will need to drill new holes in the sliding braket in the front, they should be about 12 1/8" from the existing rear holes, I would use about a 3/8" drill bit.
Now you are ready to re-install the bracket to the seat.
The existing rear holes in the bracket will go into new unthreaded holes in the bottom of the seat.
The newly drilled holes in the front of the bracket will go into the existing threaded holes in the seat bottom.
Remember, just apply slight to medium pressure on your ratchet and the untapped holes will tap themselves.
Re-install the connections under the seat.
Clean carpet if necessary, a previous owner had spilled a coke under my seat.
Re-install the seat in the car.
Re-install the connection under the seat.
The only thing to watch for is when the seat goes all the way back, it might push, ever so slightly, on the seat belt cover on the floor. It should not push it hard enough to cause damage, but I am concerned that as the car rides and hits bumps, it might cause a little wear on whatever pieces might touch.
I just take the seat all the way back, then I bump the switch forwards, ever so slightly.
We also did this to my friends GT, and his pushed on that seat belt bracket more than mine.
If it was to be a concern, you could always pop the seat back out and elongate the sliding bracket and slide it back towards it's original position.
I'm giving you this option, but it is really not a huge deal, the seat touching the seat belt cover I mean.
Enjoy the extra leg room, 1 1/2".
One more thing, if you are wondering like I was as to whether the seat will still go forwards enough for a short driver, my wife is 5'-6", and the seat can still go up farther than she needs it.
I might just take those bezels off and take them to and trim shop and see what they can do with them. I really do not like to let someone else do work for me, but I am telling you, re-doing my old GT's was a pain.