View Full Version : I am looking some superb guy who will help me to buy me a Cobra

07-06-2004, 04:00 AM

My name is Michal and I am live in Poland(Central Europe).
I am looking some great guy from cobra club who will buy me a Cobra in USA in good condition and load me to a ferry to Hamburg or other place in Germany (I can't trust anyone besides Sir from cobra club, I know that If you buy a cobra it will be a good condition).
I am living in Poland and here I have not found cobras in good shape. there are only few of this.
I can say that I loved that car but I have only 10.000$-11.000 to spend.
I am interested to buy Ford Mustang SVT Cobra 50-70 tys mill 1996-1998 manual, leather inside.
I haven't in USA a confidential person :cool: which can help me so I have decided to write to this forum.
Of course if needed I am going to pay you some money for your help. I am counting of some of you.:rolleyes:

Best regards:bounce: