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My Cobra
07-11-2004, 12:56 AM
I am going out of town for about a week. I am goign to have one of my friends take my car to have a "Tune up" What do they do at these "tune ups" Are they worth the cash? Also my car has 50k miles on it :( I was thinking it is about time to change the plugs and maybe the wires. I would liek to know your thoughts for some good plugs at a decent price. Also some wires if you think i would need them. Good wires to buy at a good price? I do not want to pay a few bills to have my car tuned up when all they do is change the oil. Is a tune up the same thing as a Maintance check? I got a letter saying it was about time for one of these check ups. Your thoughts on these things would help me out a lot. Sorry for being like everybody else that asks about plugs. lol

07-11-2004, 02:00 AM
99 Cobras don't have spark plug wires so you won't be needing them. They have coil on plugs. You can change plugs but the stock units are just fine and for some reason, I think they are good for 100,000 miles?

I usually change my oil every 2500 miles and I always know when it is due for an oil change, any increment of 2500 will let me know. :)

My Cobra
07-11-2004, 10:48 AM
I told the guy at a local shop that the 99 cobras did not have spark plug wires and he that they did. and that they should be replaced ? WTF. :mad:

07-11-2004, 11:15 AM
I told the guy at a local shop that the 99 cobras did not have spark plug wires and he that they did. and that they should be replaced ? WTF. :mad:

He's full of crap, and I'd tell him to point them out to you. They are not there.


08-01-2004, 03:46 PM
All motors have spark plug wires. In the case of the coil on plug, the wires are actually large springs or a coiled wire in the boot. The only way you could replace that is to replace the entire coil assembly. If he tells you it is the wires that are connected to the coils, once again this person should not be working on your car. It sounds like that tech never saw a mustang motor. In that matter, it sounds like they are looking for money if it was the service department who told you this. The point being, they know how easy it is to change spark plugs and want to charge you for additional service that you do not need. My favoirte, they will even lubricate the chassis parts (ball joints, and such, just wonder how they do that since they are not servicable unless you replace them? there are no grease fittings on them on the stock suspension components.)

The only thing I would recommend as a tune up, change the fuel filter and plugs if necessary. The fuel filter should be changed every 16k miles. Coolant should be changed at around 24k miles along with a new thermostat (may be a bit of overkill). There is not much else you can do for a tune up in terms of what it used to be. In all cases, the 4.6L motor is easy to work on and you can do all of it yourself. The plugs are easy to change ( you will need an extension socket - 12 to 18 inch long extension with a standard spark plug socket permantly fixed to it for the 4v 4.6L, it may be different with the 2V motor.) Also clean or replace the air filter if you have not done so already. Always disconnect the negative battery cable when changing plugs, this allows for the processor to readjust to the new plugs.

There are other things to perform as well. Things that ford will not do. For instance, cleaning the MAF sensor with some electrical parts cleaner. Cleaning the throttle body plates, changing the PCV valve. If you want ford to do that, they call it the motor vac service which is supposed to clean out carbon deposits from the combustion chamber, EGR system and cats. I inquired about that and found out all they would do would be using throttle body cleaner on the intake. Why spend $186.00 when you can buy the same stuff for $2.95 at pep boys?

My Cobra
08-01-2004, 08:36 PM
Ha ha they wanted to charge me 485 dollars to do this "Check up" after the dude told me i needed new spark plug wires and asked him to point them out and he said they were under the block i laughed and walked away. how can peopel like this be working at ford? It scares me to know that form hires peopel like this. hopefully peopel like this do not make it to the SVT places.

08-03-2004, 07:19 AM
Under the block? There are wires under the block? I have yet to notice any. Oh wait a second, if you drive over some wires they will be under the block.

Lets see, $485.00 in your budget. Cost for extention with spark plug socket: $20.00. Set of 8 denso irridium plugs : $114.00 or autolights: $16.00, cost for a set of tools to work on car (general purpose metric set) $40.00. Best to use a torque wrench to tighten spark plugs: $50.00. Cost for anti-sieze lubricant for spark plugs $4.00 (which will last you for several spark plug changes). Time to perform task: 1/2 hour - takes this long to erase all parameters in the processor with the negative battery cable disconnected. It will take only 15 minutes to replace all plugs and gap new ones and install them (assuming you have done this before). Since the ford service people already have tools, and they are using ford plugs $50.00 + $48 per hour minimum charge, I assume that the coils would cost you $387.00 which is not part of the maintenance schedule. I highly doupt that they will change the coils. They are basically charging you $387.00 to let the car sit on the lot after they are done with the spark plug replacement. Maybe that is the rental fee for the space the car will occupy when they are done with it. You could do alot with $485.00. Even install a half decient cat-back.

Let me see, I know why it cost so much, the tech that will be working on your car needs to take a class on the SVT motor and they needed a donor car (yours). Since ford does not pay for education, they will be getting you to flip the bill. The reason they told you it was located under the block, that is so they can pull it apart to see if there are any wires in there.

I certainly hope you see the humor in this. Bottom line, that is way too much money for spark plugs. However, to replace all the coils would probably cost you more if Ford is the only source to find them. I doubt that they need replacement. I would go aftermarket or find some on-line before buying them directly from ford.

08-03-2004, 08:03 AM
Just to be clear, you do not need to change your coils unless there is a failure and its throwing codes.

Also, were the plugs and supposed wires the only thing they were going to do? At 50k miles, there is other stuff they usually try to screw you with, like a overpriced coolant flush, injector cleaning and a few other things.

All which can be done fairly cheap at your local trustworthy mechanice (or by yourself if you can turn wrenches)

Coolant flush is usually $75 around here.
Injector cleaning is $25 for the cleaning material + labor. They need a special device that cleans the injector.