View Full Version : Anyone want to head down this way on Friday?

Topless In Tex
07-13-2004, 12:09 AM
Hey ya'll..
ya'll know we do our weekly Cruise Night down here in League City every Friday night...lately the park has been PACKED! Much like our shows have been! It has been awesome. We have been going on Fridays, when we are in town. If ya'll are wanting to get a little cruise time, why dont ya'll cruise down to League Park in League City, (where we have our shows for Space City Cruisers?) We are there usually about 6pm and stay till we decide to bail out, grab a bite to eat, and a few drinks. Usually around 8ish or so.
The usual suspects are usually there, Col. Dan in the Shelby GT350, Rainman in the A/C Cobra, Pinto or Thunderbird, and Tim in his '69 Mach I, Me in my Slug, and Paul w/ the ZO6 or the ZR1.
If anyone is wanting to join us, let us know. I would love to see ya'll come down one Friday night for the cruise, they had a TON of Vette's out there last week, we need to see some more STANGS! :fordflag: I bet we had 100 cars out there AT LEAST last Friday night, it was awesome!!!! :thumbsup: