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07-18-2004, 10:57 AM
Results for Sat. OH/IN AI/X race at Gingerman

AIX Griswold 1:29.3
AIX Whitehead 1:30.4
AI Brown 1:33.5
AI Smeltzer 1:34.0
AI Burnett 1:34.8
AI Tone 1:35.1
AIX Vickerman 1:35.2
AIX Kline 1:35.5
AI Benoit 1:35.7
AIX Hoag 1:35.9
AI Ruhling 1:36.1
AI Andrew 1.36.9
AI Jensen 1:37.3
AI Henderson 1:37.8

At the start Burnett dropped two wheels on the inside, lost braking (due to being on dirt) and hit Brown in the left rear. Brown spun, burnett spun, I dove outside and through the grass emerging in 2nd about 10 car lengths behind smetlzer. Track was very slick all race, I spun allowing Brown and Burnett to catch me. Brown passed me as I nearly spun a lap later.

Hoag had massive brake failure and went off very very hard in T1 going airborn and slamming into the earth berm. Eyewitness accounts state that he was 2-3 feet in the air when he hit the berm, car went up on drivers side door then came to rest on the wheels.

They black flagged the entire field while they tended to Hoag (who was unhurt). Single file restart w/me behind Brown. I had a huge jump on the greed and pulled on the inside, he darted left to protect his position pushing me off the track and making contact with my right front fender. Burnett came through clean and battled with smeltzer while Brown and I tried to play catch up.

Brown lost his brakes coming into T11 and while trying to get back on track drove into a hole that was about 3 feet deep ending his day. Smeltzer eventually spun giving Burnett the lead with me chasing him. I was able to get to within about 4 car lengths of burnett but he took the victory.

With the exception of the T1 melee and restart it was a good race for me inthe #26 On-Track Performance Cobra.

Overall finishing order:


07-18-2004, 06:42 PM
Saw you and Mark in the SVT enthusiest mag the other day. Nice article...can't wait to see that baaaad machine you're building. :D

07-18-2004, 09:02 PM
Thanks for the writeup Brian. :thumbsup:

BOC- Beau
07-19-2004, 09:51 AM
Man, that sounds like a heck of a race. That's alot of carnage. How was Sunday?