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My Cobra
07-28-2004, 06:41 PM
I have 2 questions maybe you guys can sound off on them. I have 275/40/17 tires on my car now. It is about time to replace and get some new ones. well the fronts are 100% the backs are probley around 45% left. i was goign to put the fronts on the back and get some new front tires. I know i have bigger tires than what came on it. So i was wanting to know what the stock tire size is for a 99 cobra. Also What size woudl you go with for front?

Second question is What is up with these ultra white lights? Like on e-bay they are halogen look a likes i guess. I was wondering if they are bad for the car in any way. Like the wiring. I hate the lights on my cobra. It is not bright at all. what would you sugest doing? (Keep in mind i am a broke college kid) lol so none of this stuff liek replace the whole light with a 1,000 dollar head lap and hella bulbs mounted on the top of my cobra lol had some guy tell me that before.

07-28-2004, 09:48 PM
Stock tire size for the 99 Cobra is 245/45ZR/17. And for the front tires, I think you should try 255/40ZR/17s.
I wouldn't recommend those white light bulbs. Waste of money in my opinion.
While back I installed set of PIAA Super White bulbs. I didn't see any difference in brightness. Light output was whiter than regular bulbs though.
The PIAA bulbs also made my lens go foggy. I wasn't happy with my headlights, so I bought a set of HIDs off a ebay. They work well. Lot more brighter than the stock bulbs. I paid $350 for my set. Don't laugh at me because I spent so much money on this. I just wanted my Cobra to stand out a little. It was worth it to me. Anyways good luck with your search for the brighter light.

07-28-2004, 09:52 PM
99's came with BFGoodrich™ Comp T/A 245/45ZR-17 So did my 01. I also have 275/40/17's all the way around on mine.. more for being able to rotate the tires to even tire wear out some. For tires I like the goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 awesome wet and dry traction... but pricey tires....i had the advantage of i work for a large tire company and could get them at wholesale. personally I would stick to the 275's they look awesome on the cars, fill up the wheel wells nicely. they should be on 9 inch wide rims at least though. if your going to drive the car hard. on the factory 8 inch rims they can cause some sidewall heat up. when in doubt call around and find prices. try here too www.tirerack.com (http://www.tirerack.com/) they have some sweet deals on tires. most of the super white lights and all are just BS. you will only get the killer brites by spending the money. i have stuck with stock so far. by do have a set of PIAA driving lights mounted in the lower grill opening for when i am carving up the twisty roads. for extra light. might try that route. hope i helped some

07-28-2004, 11:14 PM
A tire size to match closely to the rears would be a 255/45/17. Definitely stay away from a 255/40/17 tire as it'll look very tiny in the rather large fenderwell Ford gave us. I've run 275/40/17 rears and 255/45/17 fronts for years and the combo looks great. I've seen 275/40/17 rears and 255/40/17 fronts and it just looks wrong. The profile is just too short. I really like the Firehawk SZ50EP tires.....great traction wet or dry. The Nitto 555 Extremes are nice too.

Stick with stock style/type bulbs. The "bright white" bulbs really don't illuminate the road any better and the "blue" bulbs belong on ricer not Cobras.

My Cobra
07-29-2004, 12:23 AM
thanks for the info. i already have the bulbs that i got from e-bay. they said they light better but then i hear that the bulbs will burn your wires. so i wanted to ask you guys.

07-29-2004, 09:09 AM
The "Extreme White" bulbs (not the blue tint junk) that several companies (PIAA, Hella, etc) offer emit light that is closer to the color of sunlight, therefore your eye "sees" it better, making for better night vision and less eyestrain. I have these in my vehicles, and like them a lot.
The best lights on the market now are the HID headlites/foglites (not the blue bulb imitations), for the same reason - the light is closer in color temperature to sunlight, unfortunately, they are also expensive. The "next best" are the Quartz-iodine headlites/foglites/driving lites. To Use 100 watt bulbs in these, you must wire in relays.
To answer your original question, as long as the bulbs are rated for 80 watts or less, the standard wiring is fine.
The bottom line for lighting - more and bigger is better. Be careful to aim all lights properly or they blind oncoming traffic................. :thumbsup: