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Topless In Tex
08-02-2004, 03:15 AM
Hello All,
I have just had an awesome weekend in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin for the Expierimental Aircraft Assoc. gathering.....just thought I would share it with ya'll.
Arrived in Madison Thursday evening.. we went and ate some Mexican food...(in WISCONSIN? duh!) Unfortunately, I woke up sick about 5am on Friday morning. Stomach problems. STILL have them, 3 days later. Bet I lost 5 lbs between being sick, and all the walking we did! But, I sucked it up, beween that and the tendonitis I got in my left knee. Paul got me some Motrin for Saturday, and I ate them all day, and my knee felt pretty good for the remainder. Thank God for drugs. I was close to tears at the end of the day on Friday, but I did not let ANYONE know just how bad I was hurting, I was limping hard, and biting my lip, just told him I might need a little something to relieve a little inflamation in my knee. And I even wore tennis shoes! I HATE tennis shoes! Guess I am just getting old!
We covered about 8-10 miles of walking a day, but it was AWESOME!!!!!!

We got rained on Friday. We had a 6 passenger van, we drove from Madison, where he flew the Bonanza into, about 15 min. from the hotel. I met the other 2 of his friends that hes been doing Osh Kosh w/ for the last 14 years. I allready knew the other 2. They were GREAT! And, we all got along great! They did not seem to mind me being the first woman that they have ever allowed go to Osh Kosh w/ them! We had a BLAST!

The first thing he took me to was all the WAR BIRDS. MAN, they were awesome! The Best thing about the whole thing, is he is so knowledgeable about it all. I learned so much. We got there about 8am, then, We would all part and go our separate ways, then we would meet up w/ the other guys at the tower at noon. Then, part ways again till whenever we decided to meet up at the Van and sit and drink beer watch the planes fly, then split.

Pauls friend, Bruce Bohannan, was attempting to beat his old record in his EXXON FLYING TIGER to reach 50,000 feet. We saw him take off. His wife (Bruce's) comes to my shop to get her hair done. (small world. ) We did not know till I just checked the EAA Website tonight, he did not make it. I"m sure he will though eventually make it, he's pretty driven, here is the link to that story!

Yesterday the weather was BEAUTIFUL...about 70's and sunny. Cool Breeze. We looked at all the Expiremental Aircraft, and Paul told me about all of them. They are cool. There were at LEAST 12,000 aircraft there at the grounds, not to mention those like ourselves that did not fly directly into Osh Kosh and camp out under the wing.

One of the Main sponsors was FORD!!!! OMG! I WAS IN HEAVEN!!!! AND IN SHOCK!!!!! LOL!!!! They had the NEW GT40, the NEW 2005 the NEW Shelby AC Cobra, a couple of old Mach 1's, and a Boss 302 and a GT 350!!! I took a BUTTLOAD of pics at the FORD display. It WAS HUGE! He laughed at me. I laughed at him when he entered the drawing for the 2005 GT. We got FREE caps w/ the Blue Oval on them, and a pic of the Mustang P51 that said "AirVenture" on the Back (the name of the show). We got some for our Stang friends Col. Dan and Rainman. Paul said if he won it, he'd give it to me. guess neither one of us won, cuz we did not get a phone call today. WAAAH........ (by the way, all the guys are CHEVY Guys.) lol. But, I brought my MM&FF to show them my 4 page spread, and they were actually impressed! lol... I might have converted ONE of them...lol :thumbsup:

They had some women doing the Air show that was just too cool. Its COOL to see women pilots w/ that much talent. One of the REALLY cool things, is they had the "Masters of Mayhem" that had 3 old War Birds and an old Cheby truck, with 2 JET engines that blew fire bigger than ****. They would bomb it, and it took off down the Strip and got up to 330mph!!! It was sooooooooooo cool. I will post a link to the EAA pics. Although, I'm sure ya'll will like my pics better ! I got a bunch of shots of the old FORD TRI-Motor plane. One of our guys went for a ride it it!

the Aero Shell Guys did a GREAT show! When we were going thru one of the buildings where they were selling all the plane 'accessories', the Aero Shell guy came up to Paul and asked about the 'Great Southern Race' cuz he was wearing that T-shirt. Evidently, this guy used to head up that Plane race that Paul went on, and they got to talking, and he invited us over to their area. We did not go, but it was still cool. I can see how they get into planes as much as we do our cars...

Speaking of. The PLANE SHOW> OMG> They had some beauties. It was really neat to see some of the planes that were 'showing' like we do our cars. Man, there was one in particular that was GEORGOUS! I got LOTS of pics of it! Talk about CLEAN! Ive judged cars, and motorcycles, but......ummmm...if I had to judge a plane, this would have been my choice! It was just really spot -on. It was incredible!

Also, Kyle Franklin did some AWESOME wing walking on a plane piloted by his dad! Man, I was freaking out. This guy was incredible!!!!!!! They also had the Harrier there (of corse!) they did a demonstration. And, they did an AWSOME show w/ the P51 Mustangs. And of corse, what did they parade all the show participants by the Flight Line in??? BUT IN A MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE!!!!! woohoo!

And prolly the coolest was Sean Tucker, who is the mastermind behind some of the best aerobatics in flight, talked to us while he actually performed his stunts. It was AWESOME!

I did not buy TOO much. Me and Paul got matching Red shirts that has a pic of the Bonanza on it that says "FLY STRAIGHT" American Bonanza Society. (Straight tail, not V Tail) and I got a cool little pink top w/ a Bonanza Debonair on it, and I got Caitlin a FLY GIRL shirt to go with her RACE GIRL shirts....she loved it! And we got some EAA koozies...

Anyways.... I will post a few pics here, but here is the link to ALL THE PICS off the EAA site. I will have to get mine, and SCAN them, since my disk drive is broken. I got some really good ones. I hope to have them up soon..
We just had a really awesome weekend........

Heres the link to the EAA pics...
Hope ya'll enjoy the pics.
Get back w/ ya soon.

08-02-2004, 08:56 AM
Any Cliff notes?

08-02-2004, 10:23 AM
Awesome CC, I would have LOVED to have been you for the weekend. I'm a big plane buff, since when I was a kid building models of WWII aircraft. I think maybe the Ford GT might have been there for a test run against one of the P-51 Mustangs.....I read somewhere that they were going to run them against each other for top speed. I wish the airventure gallery had more pics, but hopefully you got some good ones. :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing with us, hope your stomach and knee feels better. See ya soon.

08-02-2004, 12:51 PM
Wow, CC!! Looks and sounds like you had a blast. And to be sponsered by FORD :thumbsup: Hope you're feeling better now, you're not old, yet, you're still a youngun' :baby:

08-02-2004, 05:55 PM
Sounds like a good time CC. Too bad about your knee & stomach. Trooper to the end, gring & bear it.

Cliff notes: She had a good time...

Topless In Tex
08-08-2004, 01:54 AM
I will try to get around to scanning all the pics in the next week or so. I took 3 rolls of film. It was just way cool. We are working on booking our rooms next year, closer than Madison, to Osh Kosh. In Fond de Loc. I had an awesome time. I will try to get more pics up soon! :cool: