View Full Version : The blk beast Lives again, and gets it's first kill on the first day.

09-03-2004, 06:07 PM
Since I have sooooooooo Much free time now, I started finishing the coupe. Got it all bolted together and started it this afternoon. Took it for a quick run up to the randall's for some gas and on the way see a nice vette pulling out of MTI. It follows me to randalls and waits while I fill up and the guy asks me what I got? I tell him it's a smaller motor than what he's running and and he say's " I know it is" ( cocky guy) So after I fill up I pull onto Westimer and he lines up next to me. ( Reminder, Less than 2 miles on the motor) and we roll till about 15MPh and then we both hit it, I pull him by about 1 lenth, then the bottle hits and I get another 3-4 on him. Bad Part was I was All over the road with the front sway bar off and the skinnies up front. I pull up to the next light and he yells at me - "hey, you're spraying!", My reply was, " tell your friends" and the I pull off the head home. The car pulls really hard threw 1st and second and then the bottle picks it up in third! the bad part of all of this was ( besides the fact I could have blown the motor) was that an Exhaust gasket blew and backed a couple of the header bolts out, The good part was I spanked a new LS1 with heads cam and intake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

So after I fix the little things on it that are bugging me, I will see some of ya at the track.

09-03-2004, 06:22 PM
Don't sweat the "only got 2 miles on the motor" part.
That's the best thing you could have done to seat the rings!
After the first 20 or 30 miles a lot of the crosshatch(at least the abrasive part) is smoothed out and gone.
Full throttle passes in the first 20 miles is a good thing! :thumbsup:

My 2 cents....
Nice Kill!!
Jimmy :thumbsup: