View Full Version : Wheels & Tires for sale

09-07-2004, 09:03 PM
Posting this up for a friend. His email address is kdxtasy@aol.com

(4) Silver Cobra R 17x9 wheels with 275/40 Kumho Victoracer(V700's) for sale if the price is met. Wheels are in good condition, may have a "4-way" mark near the lug holes or something, nothing I really notice anyway. Tires are good condition, and have appx. a season of autoxing left on them(10 or so autox's in my opinion).

Tires are mounted and stick weight balanced on the rims (no weights on outside ever), and are ready to be mounted to whatever they fit on and run. Absolutely no steering wheel shake from these, they run/ride better than my daily drivers.

Need $850 for the complete deal, but quick cash can unlock many doors.(mount/balancing can run you around 50 bux)