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09-20-2004, 04:01 PM
I sent this to the Yahoo forum and reposting here:

Hi club,

I joined up last November and polled the group on Suspension ideas for my 93 Cobra (stock suspension except Eibach Springs with 170,000 miles). Thanks to all for suggestions back then and now I am finally getting around to doing some modifications.

Money has been tight since my son was born so I would like to start out with the basics and what I can afford. I would like to begin by just replacing the Shocks and Struts. I know many of your recommend Bilstein but don't think I want to go that route due to price. The car is just driven back and forth to work and no track/racing involved. I went to www.50resto.com (http://www.svtcobraclub.com/forums/www.50resto.com) to price some Kenny Brown shocks/struts. Here is what I came up with:

1979-04 KYB Front Strut (1987-93 5.0L) Quantity 2 $119.90

1979-04 KYB Rear Shock (1987-93 5.0L) Quantity 2 $65.90

1984-04 KYB Rear Quad Shock Quantity 2 $119.90


Has anyone gone with KYB struts/shocks and that recommends using them?

Will those prices be cheaper going directly through KYB and using our club discount?

I have the Eibach springs on for about 100,000 miles now? They claim to last the life of the car but in your experience do they wear down and need replacing?

Is there anyone in the Tennessee area that could help with the installation?



09-22-2004, 09:07 AM
The KYB's are a good quality shock, but if you are using your car only for street, I would suggest the Bilsteins as they are self-adjusting. The cost might be more, but they have a lifetime warranty.
Springs don't wear out, but over the past few years Eibach has quality control problems. When you replace your shocks, have the shop check the springs, if you need to change rate or ride height, or if they have sagged or taken a set - then replace them (H&R and Hyperco are good) if your springs are still ok, keep them.
As for a shop, try Delk Performance in Nashville (615-453-2300).

Have fun.....