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09-26-2004, 12:38 AM
Well, for those who decided not to come you missed another great cruise. The weathermen were right for once, we only got sprinkled on a few times, and only hit a patch of wet road about 200 yards long. The whole rest of the cruise route was completely dry. One of the local guys here in Austin took some pictures and video and posted them on the Austin Area Stangs forum so I copied his post to place here:


I suck at taking pics/media, that about sums it up:rolleyes:

The still shots I took at HEB look good-
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/heb1.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/heb1.jpg)
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/heb2.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/heb2.jpg)
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/heb3.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/heb3.jpg)
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/heb4.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/heb4.jpg)
I wish the camera was quicker at proceesing the pics it took while on the side of the road. I was using the Burst feature, 2 pics back to back. It looked great from my view not to mention the exhaust notes :lol: but it only got a handful of cars-
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr1.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr1.jpg)
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr2.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr2.jpg)
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr3.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr3.jpg)
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr4.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr4.jpg)
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr5.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr5.jpg)
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr6.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr6.jpg)
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr7.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr7.jpg)
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr8.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr8.jpg)
http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr9.jpg (http://users4.ev1.net/~txclark/misc/cobras/lcr9.jpg)
An after thought, hey Erin the little camera can do short videos, that woulda been cool. Too bad, hey I wonder if we can beat them to 1431/Lime Creek intersection? So we hauled ballz through cypress creek/lakeline area and actually did it.
Too bad it was 1st time for me to use the video feature on my 3yr camera, didn't even know i could change the size and stuff, sorry it's sooooooo tiny (reduce to 50% if you want it to be clear) Sound works though. I'm still learning with it I guess.

Right Click, Save As-

09-26-2004, 02:19 AM
:thumbsup: I saw my car! YAY:bounce:

09-26-2004, 11:14 AM
Me too! Does this mean I'm a star now?:jk:

09-26-2004, 02:05 PM

I should have said that to my math teacher. Last time I miss a cruise for math:(

09-26-2004, 04:56 PM
I'm not only a star I'm a SUPER STAR :jk:

09-26-2004, 08:01 PM
You can kinda see me in one pic at the top of the hill :scratch:

nice video, the quality might need a little tweeking though as its real blury.

Matt, that the Mach1 guy for us for doing this. It was awesome of him to come to our cruise and offer to take pics and video. :thumbsup:

09-28-2004, 05:31 PM
How many cobra's made it for the cruise in Austin? Great pics!!


09-29-2004, 12:31 AM
How many cobra's made it for the cruise in Austin? Great pics!!


somewhere between 20-22 I got different numbers at different times with people comming and going.

Not bad concidering how many people canceled or did not make it that were there last time.