View Full Version : porting your eaton

10-01-2004, 04:43 AM
has anyone tried porting there eaton themselves I have seen pics of ported eatons and it does not look like it would be that difficult im wondering because my car will be put away for the winter and I will have all that time to add on mods if no one has please advise why you could not or if you could f**k up any thing im not sure if the portinghas to be perfectly symetrical or not

10-01-2004, 07:19 PM
Have not heard of any one porting the eaton themselves. However, I have read some posts of people that have got some screwed up porting jobs from shops that thought they could do it. Including dyno #'s from before and after, they actually lost HP and TQ. Apten seems to the best at it, most people post HP #'s approching 500 with a Apten port a 2.76 pulley and good tune. TQ #'s are close tro HP #'s and in some cases even higher. In opinion I would spend the money to have Apten do it, alot of bang for the buck when you think for 599 (exchange) for the porting and 150 or so for the pulley and about 350 for a good duno tuning or spend about 419 for a custum tuned preditor. I know it sounds like alot of $ but, you are putting more HP and TQ to the ground then the rear tires can even come close to handling, it's well worth it. I will be doing this winter myself. go to www.svtperformance.com and do a search lots of post concerning this same subject.