View Full Version : FOR SALE 1995 Cobra Convertible

10-04-2004, 12:11 PM
This is a 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra convertible with only 52,000 miles. This car has tan leather seats with tan carpet and tan and black dash. The car is blak on the out side. This car has many upgrades and lots of money in it. Starting with the inside of the car you have nine Auto meter gages, custom floor mats, and a light bar. The gages are fuel pressure, oil pressure, volts, vac/boost, water temp, pyrometer temp, oil temp, and two air/fuel. I also have the MSD book in the glove box. Now to the outside it has cobra R wheels 17x9 with 245/45/R17 tires in front and 285/45/R17 in the back. Under the hood you have a 302 that puts out 500 RWHP. The motor is form DSS and was just rebuilt in August of 2004. The bottom end as a windage tray also. The heads are Edelbrock performer 6035. The lower intake as been cut and weld to make the ports flow better. The up intake is a vortech igloo intake. This car has a vortech blower on it that puts out around 15 pounds of boost. It has vortech fuel rails with 42-pound injectors. There are also mac long tube headers with a mac off road H-pipe. There is a new radiator that was put in with the new motor in August and it has braded line hoses. There was also a speck stage 3 clutch that was put in with the new motor; there is also a steeda tri-AX shifter in the car. I have also put a 3:55 gear init. There is around 29,000 in this car about 13,600 of it is just after market parts. I know that the retail for this car all stock is about 12,322 I got that off of the NADA wed site. There are only 700 miles on the new motor. Im asking $17,500 for the car I know thats alot but there is a lot of money in this car.