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10-26-2004, 01:51 PM
Like many of you, I received notice from Tony that Ford is not going to continue building the Cobra or Lightening SVT. Bad news to say the least! I sent the following email to tscarpel@ford.com (tscarpel@ford.com)

Dear Sir,

My name is John Snelling and Iíve recently been informed that the upcoming release of the SVT Lightning and SVT Cobra have been postponed. I am very upset by this news, as I intended to purchase a new Cobra SVT promptly following its release. I currently own a 1999 SVT Cobra and have been a loyal Ford customer for many years. I also own a Ford Explorer and in the past have owned many other Ford products with my first one a 1940 Ford Coupe, (bought it in 1970), my second a 1954 Ford, (same year as I was born), and then a 1965 Ford Galaxie before I purchased a 1969 Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet.

However, if SVT will not pledge ongoing support for its customers then I will take my business to one of the competing auto manufacturers. While the Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Trans Am, Chevy Camaro, Chevy Corvette and Dodge Viper certainly are not my favorite cars at least those companies do support their products. I can remember quite well when Ford royally screwed up the Mustang in the early 1980ís and I still had my 1969 Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet. I wondered whoís bright idea that was to bring such a great car down to its knees but fortunately before the Mustang was totally destroyed someone had the good graces to bring back the pony car. Thatís why I did purchase my 1999 Cobra SVT, because it looked like the pony car again and had lots of good old American horsepower!

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do to combat these unfortunate circumstances.


It certainly can't hurt for everyone to let Ford know that they are screwing up royally!

10-26-2004, 02:53 PM
I've tried faxing SVT a letter but it seems as if their fax isn't working (313-621-2500). I really hope that enough people will take a stand and persuade Ford not to give up the SVT division.


10-27-2004, 07:54 AM
Somehow my fax went through. Maybe try again. Or they got wise to the effort and turned it off.

10-27-2004, 08:04 PM
Their fax maching could have been out of paper or someone else may have been faxing something else to them when you were trying. Keep sending them. :)

10-28-2004, 05:47 PM
It looks like my email might have done some good. Check out the reply I got back. It sure can't hurt to let them know what you think. Here's Matts email address so let's try to send him as many as we can!

Dear John,

I am writing in response to your recent email regarding Ford's decision to postpone the launch of the next-generation SVT F-150 Lightning, and the effect of this decision on the SVT program overall.<O:p</O:p

On behalf of everyone at SVT, thank you very much for taking the time to write to express your feelings. By any measure, the SVT F-150 Lightning has been a very successful product for Ford. With a total of 39,687 SVT F-150 Lightnings produced since 1993, the Lightning is the longest-running, best-selling sport truck nameplate in the industry. With a unique blend of performance, style, functionality, and value, Lightning is truly an icon product.<O:p></O:p>

Ever since the news of the postponement of the next-generation Lightning became a matter of public record, we have received numerous letters, faxes, phone calls, and emails from Lightning owners. The overwhelming response to this announcement is a strong indication of the passion that our customers have for this very special product. We are presently in the process of compiling and cataloguing this important and highly valued input from our customers, so that we may share it with Company management. <O:p></O:p>

Unfortunately, the postponement of the SVT F-150 Lightning has also raised questions about the future of the Ford Special Vehicle Team. While the postponement of Lightning has been a setback for SVT, there continues to be support among members of senior management for the continuation of the SVT program, led by the SVT Mustang Cobra.<O:p</O:p

Any further announcements regarding the SVT F-150 Lightning and/or other SVT programs will be communicated through our dealers and via our website, www.svt.ford.com (http://www.svt.ford.com/). Alternatively, feel free to contact me at the SVT InfoCenter, at 1-800-367-3788 (1-800-FORD-SVT), between 8:30am-5:00pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday. <O:p></O:p>

Thank you once again for your feedback.

Matt Tippin</O:p

<O:pSVT InfoCenter Supervisor</O:p

10-28-2004, 05:53 PM
I sent them this e-mail.
I have heard it on several message boards on the internet that SVT is being closed down. PLEASE tell me this is NOT the case. It would be hard to believe that an organization like SVT would tuck tail and run from the Dodge SRT program!

I've owned several Fords, including a 2001 SVT Lightning and currently drive a 2003 Cobra and I want to continue owning SVT products. The cancellation of the SVT program would cause me to lose great loyalty to Ford.

Where is the person with the fire for performance cars that wrote articles for SVT Enthusiast magazine that talked about the great future of SVT and hinting at all of the cool products to come? It got everyone that had a SVT excited. Surely that person is not going to give up the great SVT performance organization that they had so diligently built - the one that kicks every other products A@@!

Sadly, I know the Lightning is already on the shelf - please stop the bleeding there. Better yet, bring the Lightning back so we will have a whole SVT program because I intend to continue buying a Lightning or Cobra in the future. You've given us great hopes about the future cars coming from SVT - please don't tell us they are being crushed because of some corporate bean counters!

Very Concerned Ford Consumer,

I got the same responce as john_anch_ak. Must be a generic responce but atlease it sounds like all the e-mails and faxes may be making them think.

10-29-2004, 12:02 AM
I posted this on another thread:

It's strictly a "rumor", as you stated above. There have been things stirred up about SVT for years. They clearly stated in the press release that they were putting the lightning on hold to get the Cobra ready. Now, somehow every forum on the net now concludes that SVT is folding. Even if the "taken out of context" rumor was true, Ford will do what it is going to do, regardless of how many thousands of people send in emails or faxes. We're just a group of owners that make up 1% of their total product line. The SVT line doesn't make money for them...The V6's and GT's do. It's all about volume, and 10,000 cars a year isn't a drop in the bucket compared to the 200K cars a year they sell on the lower line Mustangs. If the Cobra is ready in 2007, then I'll be the first to buy one (naturally aspirated ONLY), but if they don't, I'll move on to something else. I really can't blame them if it happens in todays economy.
All Sad, but All true....it's a little game called economics. Search Google and you'll see how bad Ford is hurting at this point. They've had losses for 7 months this year, which is a record for them. I don't think many have been double digit losses, but most have been around 7% as compared to 2003. What we might think is a mere 7% is millions for a company as large as Ford. Their trucks are the only thing keeping them afloat, so I see them working hard at making them their top priority also. Keep the faith, but whatever they plan on doing will happen, regardless of what we do or say.