View Full Version : 4SALE: FMS Extender - Sam Guido modified - 94/95 COBRA

Cobra Jet
10-29-2004, 01:56 PM
I'll be removing my FMS Cobra extender soon from my 1994 Cobra .

This Ford Motorsport Extender is the 1994-95 COBRA SPECIFIC extender that was modified as such by Sam Guido. It will ONLY work in a 1994/95 Cobra!

These are rare and very hard to find, as Ford NEVER sold an FMS Extender for the 94/95 Cobras. The FMS Extenders in general have also since been discontinued by Ford Racing and are no longer available. You're lucky enough just to find a regular FMS Extender every now and then, not 94/95 COBRA FMS Extenders....

I have the original documents that came with it as well that illustrate how to install and use it. This unit has a harness that plugs between the main factory harness and the stock 94-95 COBRA EEC, then it plugs into the extender unit. it's a plug-n-play-n-go unit, no splicing wires, no moving pin outs, etc.

$400.00 OR BEST CASH OFFER. Unit is guaranteed NOT TO BE DOA, as I am currently using it and have been doing so for the last year.

I'll only entertain SERIOUS offers, as I will not remove the unit until I have $$$ in hand.
I can supply a MULTITUDE of references from MANY Mustang forums if needed, no BS here.