View Full Version : 17" or 18" rims with 315/35 tires

11-03-2004, 12:21 AM
I am currently changing all the rear bushings with Steeda polyurethane and also switching the springs to the Steeda sport comp springs. I am thinking of changing the rear to 10.5" rims with 315/35 tires. I noticed some of you are using 18" rims, but I was also told that they would not hook-up as well as the 17" tires. Is there any truth to this. Also are there any problems that you know of with the wider rim & tire in back with the 2003 Cobra?


11-03-2004, 07:42 AM
I had put 18 on my 01 cobra I liked them but they ran me 1600.00 if you like the stock rims go to http://www.afswheels.com/v2/ they sell replica stock wheels and have 17 and 18 in 10.5. SVT said they did not go with 18 in wheels because the car handled better with the 17 I can tell you your ride will suffer due to lower profile. If you upgrade your springs and shocks your car will handle much better I would stick with the 17 buy the 10.5 for the rear keep the stock front and save a bundle. The 315 fit on the back but I hear they hit an irs bolt it can be shaved down, replaced or you could get a thin spacer Im not sure of the size of the spacer. thats me .02