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12-04-2004, 12:36 PM
Newbie here with an OT question. I have a 1995 Ford E-150 Conversion Van with the 302 engine. My problem is i cant run anything other than Premium gasoline in it without the Deisel sound effects. Im going to tune it up soon as its due and hopefully that will cure it, although i doubt it.

One person said his was doing the same thing and a Shop told him that his MAF sensor was dirty and they would clean it. I, personally, have never heard of a MAF getting dirty--much less a cleaning procedure for it. Anyway, any ideas on a remedy so i can run regular unleaded? 20-30 cents per gallon savings sure adds up over time.

I know some people dont want to answer tech ?'s not pretaining to their particular board but, although i've never owned a Cobra, I have had 5 GT's:

79- Had to start somewhere.

85- A small move up the ladder.

86- T-Tops and finally got bit by the speed Bug. Loved the T-Tops but they leaked like a sieve, could have left them off for all the protection they provided from the rain.

90- Got this one with 42K miles on it. Looked great--Red with saleen wing and tinted windows. But this one was supercharged(paxton SN-93), Cobra intake-ported and polished, Hooker equal length shorty headers and 355 gears. Bought a Lunati cam, TFS street heat heads and 1.6 roller rockers. I was King of the road till i blew a head gasket and ruined both heads (long story of why i didnt stop in time). I replaced the whole engine with a Bennett Racing 337 pro svo long block. I still wanted to drive it on the street so we stayed with hyd-roller cam. Actually, i wanted to re-use the paxton SC but was told it wouldnt move enough air (the SC would slow me down. :thumbsup: ) so i got initiated into the NOS club in the form of a NOS big shot. Very expensive, for me anyway, as i had over 12K invested in the long block, sheet metal intake, flamin river manual rack, rear-end and fuel system. This one was eventually stolen while awaiting body repairs, from a hydroplane incident, at a "friends" house. They found the chassis (not rolling) in a creekbed 4 days later completely gutted. Looking back, a Lo-Jack would have been a wise investment.

93- Had it at the same time as the 90, but it was a hers, and not in the same "fun league" as the 90.

Anyway, i hope i get some good ideas in my quest to use regular unleaded gasoline, and look forward to some good discussion in the future.

P.S I used to be a member of a 5.0 mailing list. You would get a boatload of 5.0 tech Q and A's in your inbox daily. Is that still around and/or is anyone familiar with it?

And thanks in advance for any help you may or may not provide.

12-05-2004, 01:56 AM
Unhook the battery while doing this so the computer will reset itself. Remove mas and clean with contact cleaner do not move the wire around in there it is not meant to be moved around just spray with contact cleaner. This will remove any build up that sometimes appears. Ps. carb cleaner will work also.
Good Luck
This happens alot from people running filters like K&N with to much oil but the filter is a great product.

12-24-2004, 09:28 AM
That almost sounds like a piston slap issue that is if your motor sounds like a diesel. If it is just pinging, you may want to check the spark plugs for carbon deposits (usually they look flat black). IF you have alot of carbon build up, there is a service called Motor Vac that should clean out the motor and at least return any loss fuel economy. I had a Ford Customer swear that was the best thing he had done to his vehicle shortly after the Customer Service told me that would correct the pinging issue I had with the 01. I never had it done, but soon found out it would not have changed anything since what I experienced was valve over heat due to a design flaw in the Head casting. (One of the main reasons I traded it in, the other reason was to get a supercharger without the need of replacing all of the internals )

Watch out for some Carb cleaners when cleaning the MAF since some of them will leave an oil film on parts. Berrymans Chem tool B-12 works great and does not leave any deposits on parts. It can also be used in the fuel too. That stuff comes in spray cans and quarts for many applications.