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12-05-2004, 08:50 AM
I recently got my 96 Explorer back from the Mechanic. I had some issues with it I could not repair since most of the components were so far corroded they could not be removed. Anyway since I had my mechanic replace the motor and transmission in the past It goes there for the annual inspection. They had to replace the transmission again since it became faulty and was under the 75k mile warrenty that came with it. Now to the point of why I hate squirrels. Last week the weather report stated local flooding and heavy rain. I decided to take the Exploder instead of the Cobra to work. Idle seemed a bit rough but figured that would smooth out since it has not been driven much in a while. After about 5 minuites of driving the Check Engine light came on, then started flashing. Turns out I ended up driving the Cobra that day anyway. That evening I scanned the codes and found a mis-fire in piston #2. I figured to pass on the repair for the weekend. I was guessing I would need new wires and possibly replace the coil pack since they are still the original components. I decided to wait before buying anything not needed and I already had new plugs wiating for installation in my garage. While trying to remove the spark plug in piston #2 I discovered that the new header interfered with the spark plug removal. While attempting to get a better grip on the plug I looked over to the intake and noticed something a bit strange. WTF? The wires to the fuel injector to that cylinder were completely chewed off and a walnut was wedged in between the intake plenum and wire harness. I hoped to find the body of the rodent responsible, unfortunately I believe it survived it's diet of copper wire and insulation not to mention the plastic cladding that protected the wires. It took me a few hours to strip down the wire harness to access the remaining wires so I could solder new ones in place. Removal of the plug on the injector was a bit tricky since it kept rotating on me. I was able to bring life back to the Exploder with my new wire harness sugury. I will have to finnish it off with high temp RTV sealant so that I do not get any shorts from the heat shrink tubing used as insulators melting away from the heat of the motor. At least I have a walnut as a reminder of what a simple rodent can do to a vehicle. I now feel the pleasure when I run them over on the street. I wish I flatten more of them closer to home. That is one reason I am happy I keep my Mustang in the garage. I thought I have seen it all, this last incident has topped my list.

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So the squirrel tried to pay you for his room and board in walnuts? :D

I have lived on a farm almost all of my life and luckily I have never had any problems like that. The only weird rodent issue I've had is coming outside at night and a possum being on top of my car!! I tried to "shoo" him off but he started hissing at me. It was too much for me to handle, I ran away like a little girl :rotf: .

12-05-2004, 11:28 AM
Years ago I had a CRXsi...I know, I was between Mustangs.

Kept smelling this real funky smell in the mornings a couple of days and figured one of the cats in the neighborhood had killed a bird or something in the bushes.
3rd day realized it was coming from front of my car, so I go to car wash to clean under the car. Popped the hood and a cat is looking up at me. Grab a stick to sling it out and only head, shoulders and one leg come out. It had gotten stuck in fan belt. I thought belt had just squeaked because it was cold.
Took car over to ex-wife's house, because my drop light and tools were still there.
Rinsed out other body parts in the drive.;) End of smell.

12-05-2004, 10:06 PM
It was too much for me to handle, I ran away like a little girl :rotf: .

You guys are killing me. :rotf:

01-08-2005, 02:24 AM
Oh Man that is funny ....

Though, I think I may have one that tops that. A buddy of mine parks his cars outside in the mountainy areas (well, his driveway). Anyway, he has mouse problems. He and I have cleaned out nests in more places then you can imagine, including the interior ventilation systems. It is good, since he rewards help with beer ... LOL. But, one day he pulled to cover off his car, started it up and drove to work. While gone, his kids were playing and found mouse parts around where the car is normally parked. When he got home, they showed him. Trying to discover where they came from he looked under the hood. Apparently they made a nest on his fan belt, well needless to say, there was a small mess ... twiggs, misc. mouse parts, etc on the pullies and engine. He hosed them off, of course. The best part is that he decided to keep a momento of the event. The blood spatter from the fan belt is splattered in 2 lines across the full underside of his hood parrellel to the fan belt!!! Kinda of a custom airbrush job, really. Extremely funny since his car is silver. I have suggested he add red pin stripes to the car next ... LOL. Glad it is just a pontiac, and not a Mustang, or I might force him to clean it.


01-08-2005, 07:22 AM
I had a similar situation in the past when I once owned a "bowtie" product. A cat had climbed up onto the engine for warmth on a cold night. Wife called me the next morning saying something went wrong when she started the car. You can imagine the rest. Never owned a Chevy again.

I did enjoy shooting squirrels during my early years, however.
Still do.


01-10-2005, 05:27 PM
Those stories were great!:p

...um...there was this time in band camp.