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Topless In Tex
12-12-2004, 12:34 AM
there is the BLUE SANTA show at Hooters/ I-45/Nasa1 tomorrow from 11-4pm sponsored by my Club, Space City Cruisers...(BY THE WAY..we got BEST CLUB DISPLAY at Autorama!!!!) ;) . Entry fee is an unwrapped toy. I know Col. Dan, will be there in his Shelby, Rainman, in his A/C Cobra, and Tim in his Mach 1. Paul is taking a student flying in the morning, and my car looks like hell. I wanted to bring the ZR1 out, but, I dont know that I will.
Anyways...its a good oppurtunity to come out, and bring a toy to go to those that are not as lucky this time of year to have a Christmas.
Please come out and see us, SHOWING would be great, but if you cant, if you just want to drop by, and bring a toy, that would be awesome!
Thanks so much!!! :thumbsup:

Topless In Tex
12-13-2004, 01:25 AM
Did the show today. it was nice. Weather was awesome. Had an okay turn out, not how we expected, but some really nice cars. Only had about 35 or so, I think. I ended up getting a Peoples Choice. lol. What a shocker. Paul told me my car needed washing yesterday, i'm glad I did.
We were gonna fly to Stephenville yesterday, he wanted to look at 2 classic Vettes, but when we started to fly out, the brake line broke in the Bonanza. :( So, we did not get to go. Hopefully he will fix it this week. I guess 40 years on those brake lines is not too bad. Wish my car would hold up that well....
anyways. We missed you guys. Tracy (Redlinedesire) came out. He gave me 5 tires off his Cobra last week. (well, 4 off the Cobra, and a spare) My front tires looks like I am running SLICKS...not by choice. Hes a real sweetie! Hopefully, I will be able to get them put on in the next few weeks. Its pretty much a deathtrap at this point, in the rain.
Steve will be back from offshore, this coming Wed. night. He will be home for 3 weeks, then back out again. They've been working him like a DOG this past time on the ship, new Projects, and lots of accidents. He's so ready to come home...
Hope ya'll had a good weekend. :cool: