View Full Version : '96, '97 And '98 Vs. '99

12-14-2004, 09:24 PM
I talked to one yellow mustang owner about his '98 SVO and he said the '96 - '98 gen Cobras were better than the '99s. He wasn't too impressed with the IRS on the '99s, for one thing. I think he like the earlier generation looks, too. I tend too like them better also. Don't the '99s have some other advantages though?

Is there any mechanical or stylistic reason to prefer a '97, for example, to a '99 when I'm looking for a Cobra? Is the '99 better in other respects, transmission, suspension, handling, performance ? I hope you'all don't mind alll these questions of mine, but there's a red '99 and a black '97 (convertables) staring at me, both about 26000 mi and reasonably priced.

(The '99 didn't need the performance recall, it had apparently been done before purchase. It does have some undercoating and 'The Protector' though, which I'm not too fond of).