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Arch Angel
12-31-2004, 11:56 AM
Yesterday when I went there to get an estimate for my deer incident because I used them before. Eventhough they did a crappy job on my hood & the paint started to crack & chip after 2 months, I decided to give them another chance since they did take care of the hood (but I still had to pay for a rental when they did it).

As most of you know, I have modded my car with:

03 Cobra Bumper
00 Cobra R Hood
Headlights with Clear Reflectors

Also, I have connections to get Ford OEM parts at close to cost. I told they guy that I was going to get the parts & just have them paint & install it. The owner said that I could not bring the parts & that he was going to order the parts for my car (so he can charge me a mark-up for them). I told him, "What do you mean I can't bring my own parts? It's my Money!"

He said that if I didn't like it then to close my hood & get off his lot. What a little old greasy haired *****.
Freedom Automotive Sucks!

12-31-2004, 12:19 PM
sorry to hear about your bad experience, thanks for the heads up

hey man, try http://www.modenaautowerks.com/

mention the Cobra Club :thumbsup:

bet on black
01-07-2005, 12:04 PM
they changed out a tire for me on wed. mount and balance and disposed of the old one for $12. they were a little slow changing one tire, but i had no other complaints. i guess it is hard to mess up a tire mounting though. i won't ever go back now.