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Steve Treece
01-04-2005, 03:55 PM
From the Zaino web site:

"We've managed to do what no one else has ever done - we've made a product that's vastly superior to Zaino Z-2™, and we call it Z-2 PRO™. Z-2 PRO™ has been designated as the replacement for Z-2™, but don't worry - as much as you loved the old Z-2™, you're going to love Z-2 PRO™ even more!

Unbeatable gloss, shine, depth, clarity and reflectivity
Durability and protection that's out of this world
Improved user friendliness
Easy on, easy off, no waiting
No dust or residue to stain your trim
Greater value

Whether you're a beginner, a weekend detailer, or a certifiable car nut, Z-2 PRO™ is sure to impress you. Z-2 PRO™ boasts the most advanced levels of shine, gloss, reflectivity, clarity and depth, and it locks those optical qualities in for months, thanks to the most sophisticated system of synthetic polymeric-based protection available.

Z-2 PRO™ was created to enhance the finish of any vehicle. We engineered Z-2 PRO™ to be easy to use and long lasting while delivering sizzling looks that are sure to get you and your car noticed.

Say good-bye to spending frequent weekends waxing and protecting your vehicle. Z-2 PRO™ provides months and months of protection with just a single application, and that's no exaggeration. Our testers have reported 6-plus months of honest protection in even the most extreme environments. Z-2 PRO™ includes our most advanced sunscreen, Ultra-Guard™ UV(40) to protect against shrinking and fading caused by sun and ultra-violet light.

Z-2 PRO is optically perfect and won't negatively impact the look of your vehicle. In fact, Z-2 PRO™ will do something no other product can do - it will show off your paint the way it was meant to be seen. Z-2 PRO™ contains advanced, state-of-the-art optical enhancers and gloss additives that will bring out the true color and clarity of your paint.

Z-2 PRO™will not leave behind messy residue, and it won't stain your plastic trim or rubber pieces. Our special flex-additives help keep your paint resilient and elastic, and can breathe new life into dull or faded rubber and plastic trim pieces.

And while a single application of Z-2 PRO™ should provide months of long lasting good looks, Z-2 PRO™ can be layered for even greater results. With each subsequent coat, the finish on your vehicle will become more glossy, more reflective and more deep.

Z-2 PRO™ will give your vehicle's paint total environmental protection and a long lasting, impressive show car shine. Simply put, it is the only protection your vehicle's paint will ever need. Z-2 PRO™ will out perform, out protect, outshine and outlast anything on the market today, guaranteed! Try it today and find out what we're all so excited about."

I was talking to Sal this morning and he told me that Z-2 PRO is like Z-2 on steroids!! Put a couple of coats on my car yesterday, and I have to say it made a noticeable difference.

Your local distributor should have this by now.

01-04-2005, 11:53 PM
So how much does it cost and where can I pick some up at?

Steve Treece
01-06-2005, 10:13 AM
So how much does it cost and where can I pick some up at?

The Z-2 Pro is the same price as the old Z-2...$12.95. I am happy to help any members in the Carolinas. Outside that area, contact Zaino at: wet@zainobros.com and ask for the contact info of your closest distributor.

01-25-2005, 12:11 AM
I bought some on-line hope it works out! :thumbsup: