View Full Version : scratching back noise from supercharger.

01-09-2005, 12:45 AM
is this noise "normal" happens when i start to accelerate i hear it mainly coming from where the two vents are in the middle of the interior. i have been told by the mechanic that has replaced my throw out bearings twice that this is a usual sound that u get from the back of a blower. is that the case? sorry, for all the ?`s guess thats the price i pay to be a chick w/ a fast ride. hey, how many girls are in this club anyway?

01-09-2005, 01:11 PM
To me that does not sound too good. Anything that sounds like it is scratchy may indicate problems. I did read somewhere about maintance, it may have been on the Kenne Bell supercharger web site even though the Eaton M112 is an EATON product. I did look at the Eaton site but could not find any maintaince requirements on there super chargers in terms of oil replacement intervals. Bummer. :(

Some noise is normal (if it sounds like a muffled happy cricket). If the noise is relatively loud and abnormal when not producing boost it may be an indication that the rear SC bearings may be dirty from engine oil deposits that find their way into the intake throught the PCV line. Throttle body cleaner may take care of that, but getting it in there is the hard part. It is best to spray that into the throttle body with the plastic intake off (part between the throttle body and MAF meter). Short bursts (2 seconds or so at intervals of 10 to 15 seconds, for approximately 5 to 10 minutes) of the cleaner shot into the throttle plate at the lower part will get it into the intake while the engine is running. If you spray too much in at once the motor will stall or develop vapor lock (which may not be a good thing) . I usually do this before every oil change to remove any gunk formed from oil deposits finding its way through the PCV line and exhaust gases from the EGR valve. If you apply any throttle, make sure the spray tube is secure so it will not get sucked into the motor. There is alot of vaccum created there so be careful. Also, TB cleaner will harm paint if you get any on the paint (fenders and such) so be careful about the drips that fall off the cleaner tube. Since this is my first supercharged Cobra, I have only cleaned the intake once and have yet to change the oil since I have under 3k miles on it. :D