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01-18-2005, 02:41 PM
Does anybody know of a SVT site where I can go and ask technical questions, possibly to the SVT engineers?

My question: I bought the BBK twin 65mm TB a couple of months ago and never installed it because it would require enlarging the twin holes on the stock Intake Manifold. They are perfectly sized to the stock 57mm TB, so adding the aftermarket TB wouldn't do anything but disturb the airflow. I have done extensive research and have decided that I can manually grind down and polish the stock Intake Manifold with a Dremel and an aluminum polisher & grinder...However, I don't know if this will decrease performance since I DON'T HAVE A SUPERCHARGER. Engineering wise (which I am now an engineering college graduate), if the holes are too big, then the natural suction from the engine won't be strong enough to pull air from the air filter down in the fenderwall, thus power would be much lower. So my question is, if I grind down the stock Intake Manifold and find that the above scenario is taking place, am I stuck? or.......can I simply place the stock TB back on and the engine will go back to it's normal suction as before. (If you see the problem a 57mm opening from stock TB and a hand-bored-out 65mm Intake Manifold will create a downward lip on the air as it enters the Intake Manifold. Will this 8mm difference cause significant disturbance to the air flow....If the 65mm TB works good once I grind the IM down, then I'll leave it on. But without a supercharger yet to force the air, I don't think the natural suction will be enough from 0mph......Once open throttle while moving, it should work better because of the ramming effect, but if it doesn't can I put the 57mm back on no-harm-no-foul, or will I have to buy another stock Intake Manifold?

Sorry it's long, but I wanted you to know my thinking process. :(

01-18-2005, 03:59 PM
TA_Spanker, from what I have seen , N/A cobra's don't benefit, if not lose power, due to the decrease velocity/vacuum of the larger opening.

My recommendations to you. Get another upper manifold to tear up if you wanna do it.

Otherwise, your time and money can be spent elsewhere to gain power.

If you wanna get down to the nitty gritty, you should flow test every piece of your intake to see what the CFM flow throw is, and start with the highest restrictor.

:dunno: I know that isn't much help. But your choices for info are owners who have done it, or a speed shop. SVT themselves, well, I doubt you can easily contact an engineer for aftermarket support.