View Full Version : what mods have you done and whats your opinion of them?

01-22-2005, 11:03 AM
ok just wondering what mods you have done and if you regret them or love them. basicly was it worth it? also if you could post how much you spent.

01-22-2005, 01:19 PM
MM Full length Sub Frame Connectors...definitely worth it.
2.93 inch SFPHQ DUB pulley...ditto
An aftermarket boost guage with enough range to show vacuum and high boost...if you have a small pulley DEFINITELY!!!
Denscharger CAI...ditto
Bassani off road x-pipe...ditto
Bassani Cat-back...ditto
Pro 5.0 shifter with mgw handle...maybe shoulda gone with tri-ax...can't decide, but an afternmarket shifter is a must.

MM Urethane IRS bushings...only if you have to pull the rear-end anyways. Cost is low, but PITA factor is sky-high. It will reduce wheel hop, but not eliminate it. You will get small quick hops as opposed to the large slow ones.

UPR clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster. If I were smaller, It would have been worth it, but I have big shoulders and it was a major pain installing it. Did improve clutch feel marginally.

Predator tuner...definitely...a tuner of some sort is the way to go...way too much trouble getting to the computer to install a chip. Plus being able to upgrade a tune with so much ease is great.

Nitto DRs on 10.5" AFS wheels...definitely.

Sitting in the garage is a Gord's Ford HE with twin fans...but I haven't installed it yet. I have heard that if you Drag race a lot, a large HE is indispensable.

Hope this helps!

01-23-2005, 01:07 PM
see mods in sig---kind of went the expensive route...$3k including installs...gords H/E, steggie port, O/R Xpipe, MM FLSFC's---next on list---$1200 for all those...you can get 75hp for about $1000...

01-23-2005, 02:30 PM
I have done my mods in 4 phases so far first was a full set of kenny brown chassi stiffeners that made my ragtop as stiff as a coupe. then I added a full bassini exhaust {stock headers} than I jumped over the edge and bolted on a kenne bell blower with all his suggested mods. I kept on getting an error message that I was only able to get rid of when I had a dyno tuned chip put in. I do need to get a maf extender and retune at some point but I have a safe a/f all the way to redline and I don't race. it it is my warm weather torque monster ( I probably have 550 hp and trqe #'s at 0 degrees farenheit but the tires get too hard to play with when its that cold out and they are too expensive to burn up. I have about 6500 bucks in so far I just bought a lake house so my disposable income is gone for now. future mods I'd like to do involve upgrading the rear end to keep it from twisting itself to pieces and adding a full custom roll cage so I can track it after I get my 07 cobra. I shold note that we got rid of the boost-a-spark and pump when i got the custom tune and all the stock hardware in the fuek system is up to the task except the maf gets pegged at 6000 rpm. I also added an aftermarket boost/vac gauge and have thought about a real (anderson ford) a/f gauge. :rolleyes:

01-23-2005, 02:45 PM
I should add that I have no regrets. I had most of my work done here in madison wi at Preformance plus and Doug really knows his ford stuff but it was his (and my) first boosted cobra so there was a bit of trial and error. I did have to go to indianapolis to get my tune done at Automotive Specialists The owner Brent Hiday and his son really know their stuff and I will go back and see them in the spring when I get my maf extender and put on the 17 psi pulley from what i know that is as far as I can go on pump gas but I may be wrong. I guess I do regret not knowing about the maf issue before i did the chip but my car has been rock solid and runs better than stock with world class exotic car horsepower and torque and four seats I just test drove a bmw 6 series convertable and for 80 k you get a smaller back seat and much less power if I were to put on a full griggs suspension I would out handle ANYTHING made in europe as well.

01-23-2005, 11:04 PM
I've got the MM Full-length Subs, Steeda IRS urethane bushings, H&R springs ($217), I'm getting the Exhaust installed Monday morning (it finally arrived) Bassani Stainless Steel everything ($1700 exhaust) Billet Flow 4 piece Idler pulleys w/ 2.76 blower pulley and pulley tool ($555.00) Hilton boost over-lay gauge ($30) I've got the LFP HE ($299) along with the LFP Intercooler Reservoir tank ($185) on order, should ship out this week! MM front control arm bushings (urethane)($70) and the MM aluminum rack bushings ($40), should ship out today (Monday)! JLT RAI ($170) , competition orange in color. I'm very happy with my suspension set up over-all and it has almost completely removed all wheel hop! I'm going to post my before and after dyno sheets with my exhaust and then again with my pulley's and tune! So far with all my parts ordered and what I do have on the car I have absolutely no regrets with! I guess the dyno will let me know if it was worth it all!:D
If you get an aftermarket shifter go with MGW, hands down the best aftermarket shifter out there!!!:thumbsup:

01-24-2005, 01:48 PM
OK lets see if I can rememebr what I've done so far.

Full Bassiani exhaust, stainless, X-pipe w/high flow cats :thumbsup:
Eibach sport springs :thumbsup:
Gords Heat exchanger w/ ability to add fans later :thumbsup:
K&N FIPK CAI :thumbsup:
Brembo slotted rotors and Hawk pads :thumbsup:

All the above mods defientley worth it.

PRO 50 shifter, a good shifter maybe a little "notchier" then I would have liked. It is nosier ten the stock shifter, some complain about I never really noticed it. Will be replacing with MGW when I return, have read nothing but great things about it. Much smoother and "whisper quiet". Tony has a great write up about it on the main page.

I had a densecharger CAI, never had any of the stall problems with it some have had. Was probaly a really good CAI, but I just did not like the PITA it was to clean the filter.

Hope this helps you.