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01-28-2005, 07:06 PM
I have a set of Rage Breaker 17x7" wheels with the same bolt pattern as my Cobra. I would like to put on my 245/45-17 Dunlop Wintersports on them next year so I can keep my stock Cobra wheels with the summer rubber on them. I've been getting advice not to do it because of the suspension setup and possible poor fitting of the wider tire on the narrower rim.

Anyone have any experience with this or their .02?

BTW, the Wintersports on the stock 17x9"s works great. Excellent breaking/cornering in mild snow (less than 4") with the only scary part of fishtailing when accelerating. I'm an experienced driver though, so I can keep it manageable.

Thanks for the time and have a great weekend!

'03 Yellow vert
bone stock - for now!

01-28-2005, 08:27 PM
I would suggest not to!
You are going from a 9" wide rim, which the tire fits nicely on, to a 7" wide rim :doubt: !?

It may work, but I wouldn't try it! I've got some 10.5" rims in the back with some 315's on them, and people have been running the 315's on the stock rims, but they really round off the tire! With your tire on a 2" thinner rim the tire will be rounding off to fit itself on the rim, which in turn will cause you to loose some traction from the tire!:(

Hope this helps!

01-29-2005, 11:46 AM
I believe that the 245/45-17 is best suited for a 17x9 wheel, and is probably the maximum width a 17x8 wheel since that was the tire size for the stock 01 wheels which I have all 4 from my 01 Cobra with Dunlop Snow tires on them. The stock 01 wheels fit nicely on the 04, but as far as traction goes, it sucks ! I think that the 01 was better in the snow than the 04 is due to the low torque the 01 produced at lower RPM. I am sure it can be mannaged in most driving conditions except for climbing snow covered hills. I have taken the 04 out after all the roads have been cleared, and still managed to get stuck on small patches of ice that remain on the surface. In my opinion, the 03/04 Cobras are not suitable for snow driving, I am sure it can be done, but risk it unless it is your only ride.