View Full Version : Stock tires on 17x9 rims?

02-06-2005, 01:22 PM

Sorry about all the questions lately, but I'm trying to learn all I can about my "new" car, and have quite a bit of upgrades/mods I'm wanting to do.

Will the stock tires (245/45/17) fit on a 17x9 rim?

I want to go with a wider tire eventually, meaning I want to buy 17x9 Cobra Rims, but I still have tread left on the original tires, so therefore don't want to give them up yet.

So what I want to do is buy the new, bigger rims now, mount the stock tires on them, then buy the wider tires in the future once I have to replace the stock tires.

Am I violating any no-no's by doing this?


'96 Laser Red Vert

02-09-2005, 03:13 PM
no you're not. the tires will look funny because the rim will be wider than the tire, but you will not hurt anything by doing this. however the rims will be more susseptable to dings and dents until you get a tire that will cover them properly. 03/04's run a 275/40-17 i believe.