View Full Version : Hilton Boost Overlay

02-09-2005, 09:11 PM
Have any of you guys installed one of these Hilton Boost Overlays? I've got one and installed it today on my 04, the thing looks good as hell, but I couldn't get the recalibration to work correctly. I got the vacuum pressure thingy and did exactly what the instructions asked, but the boost gauge just sets on zero? Note that I haven't drove the car yet, but when I set at idle and rev it, the boost gauge still sets still, I know that the gauge has pressure against it, I moved it with my figure and it went back to zero like the instructions said it should! I'm confused and it bothers me that it isn't working right yet! If anyone can help me out please do so!:(

02-10-2005, 09:21 AM
I just installed one of these as well. IMO the calibration part is a total waste of effort.
I read the instructions, and the part about it may be difficult to reach around the cluster to get to the hose is an understatement. I just followed the instructions, and put the needle back on at the zero mark, a tiny bit into the black, with the cluster in-place.
The term calibration is actually kind of misused here anyway. You just try to put the needle on the gauge at 12 psi rather than zero psi, but zero psi is a pretty accurate point. Besides, how accurate to you need this gauge anyway. If it is off by .5 psi so what. You can still use it so see if you are loosing boost due to slippage, because even if it is not that accurate you should still get reproducable readings. Reproducibility has nothing to do with calibration, and will be determnied by the quality or lack of quality of the factory gauge.
All I know is my install took about 5 minutes, and my gauge reads exactly 13 psi max boost with a 2.93 pulley.