View Full Version : Best deal on Bassani?

02-21-2005, 06:01 PM
Well I am absolutely thrilled right now, I just got my hands on a black 03 Cobra vert and I am stuck up in the mountains in college with it back home and I am going stir crazy. Anyways I really really like the sound of the Bassani catback with the baffles but I have seen from another thread that completexhaust.com has a hell of a deal on the Magnaflow catback. My point is I want to get my hands on a deep toned catback for an absolute bargain price. Id like to go stainless the whole way but Ive gotta get some more noise outta this badass car (even though Im enjoying the sound of forced induction for the first time like crazy) Does anybody out there know of some killer deals on Bassani stuff particularly with the baffles or could someone enlighten me just a bit more on magnaflow. Thanks for any help guys, I will admit as nasty as this new car is I got to go back to the dealer and see my red 99 for the first time since my parents pulled off the deal while I was up here at college, I shed a tear though, Ill miss that car and all the memories of the 3 great years I had with the 99.


02-21-2005, 06:16 PM
I heard that Lightningforceperformance has good deals on it...www.rpmoutlet.com also has good deals on the stainless, that's where ive bought all my stuff, usuallly gets to you in a few days...here's a quick glimpse of mine with O/R xpipe and catback...http://www.deepfriedpenguins.com/blk04cobra1.wmv