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02-22-2005, 08:47 PM
The 1/4 Mile Indexes were exciting to watch with only 1 Chevrolet in the Final and Street Racers dominating the classes over the Bracket Racers. I did not get a picture of the Final for the 13.50 Class nor a picture of Reginald Newman in his 2001 Lightning Truck and I apologize. The Results are as Follows:

Barely Legal 11.00 Index: Brian Warwas Winner Houston, Texas, 93 Mustang
.099 R/T, 11.016 @ 121.56 MPH
Wayne Morgan R/U, Port Neches, Texas, Camaro
.067 R/T, 10.962 @ 117.48 MPH

Motor Mania 12.50 Index: James Meredith Winner Katy, Texas, 03 Mustang
.040 R/T, 12.577 @ 108.26 MPH
David Styron R/U, LaPorte, Texas, 84 Mustang
-.063 Red, 21.633 @ 54.00 MPH

Sleeper 13.50 Index: Joe Cram Winner Houston, Texas, 89 Mustang
.158 R/T, 13.497 @ 96.03 MPH
Reginald Newman R/U, Mont Belview, Texas, 01
Lightning .077 R/T, 13.465 @ 90.50 MPH .




02-22-2005, 08:49 PM
See Casper, My car only runs 13.50's! :bounce:

02-22-2005, 09:14 PM
Way cool Joey. Nice job on the cash too. I don't think you were sandbagging it to a slow 13.5.. Not, I saw you run already & the coupe really hooks. :thumbsup:

02-22-2005, 09:24 PM
Yea, Joey, what Darrell said. I saw that car gooooooooooooooo :cool:

Congrats on your bragging rights!

02-23-2005, 12:12 AM
thats the way to do it. :thumbsup:

02-23-2005, 10:18 AM
See Casper, My car only runs 13.50's! :bounce:

:rolleyes: .....yea....and I'm sure you'd like me to believe that right??? :rolleyes:

02-23-2005, 07:53 PM
:rolleyes: .....yea....and I'm sure you'd like me to believe that right??? :rolleyes:

Why not it's right there to see, 13.50's. :rotf:

02-23-2005, 09:22 PM
Your my hero Ferris!!!!