View Full Version : Tuning by HPH in the DFW area... All interested get in here !!!

03-06-2005, 09:40 PM

Here is the pricing schedule for the tuning:

Hermanís price for A/F measuring and data logging the car as many times as it takes to get it right will be $200 (from the normal price of $250).

The tuning part will be as follow:

Current Pro Racer Package owners, pre programmed chip owners, and flasher/xcalibrator owners will pay $150 for one (1) single custom tune and $200 for up to four (4) different custom tunes (which can be nitrous program(s), race program, low octane program, or any combination needed).

For the folks that need a chip or xcalibrator as well as the custom tune, the pricing will be as follow:

Multi-position chip with switch and cable with one (1) custom tuned program - $370
Multi-position chip with switch and cable with up to four (4) custom tuned programs - $470

X-Calibrator flash tuner with one (1) custom tuned program - $390
X-Calibrator flash tuner with up to four (4) custom tuned programs - $390

Please feel free to ask questions here for Herman and provide any feedback as needed.

I will need to have all the folks interested to PM either Herman or me with a list of modifications, vehicle year and model, and computer code so that he can get started with a baseline tune before getting here. Also make sure to tell him if you will need a chip or xcalibrator.

I will need a deposit of $150 from the interested parties by mid next week so that we can have a definite number of cars for Herman to tune.

Please remember folks that Iím trying to organize this tuning session because I want Herman to work on my car without having to Maryland and I will have to pay the same as the rest of you to get a good tune from one of the top guys out there. If there are any questions regarding the information here please feel free to either post it here for Herman to answer or PM him.

I need to get a head count of the interested folks now as we need to cap the number of cars to tune at 15 or soÖ.

For all folks in need of an SCT MAF, please PM me about a great offer available for those tuning with Herman at this session... Trust me, it is a great deal !!!

We will have to find a staging spot for the tuning session so suggestions would be appreciated. We may be able to have a dyno facility available if needed to confirm our results at an additional $30-$40 per car for Saturday...

Possible dates are March 18th or March 25th so please state your preference...

Thanks for your patience,