View Full Version : RacerWholesale announces 2005 Contingency for NASA-SE Racers

03-07-2005, 01:00 PM
1. Racer Wholesale will provide a contingency program to any active NASA-SE racer displaying
two Racer Wholesale decals (one on each side) prominently on race vehicles. Racer Wholesale
decals must be run for the entire year. Decals are available direct from Racer Wholesale and at
select NASA-SE events.
2. Racer Wholesale will provide additional discounts on orders of more than $100 based on finishing
position in regularly scheduled, sanctioned events. Racer Wholesale will also award G-Force
Racing Gear helmets, up to a retail value of $300, for each official NASA-SE class champion and
designated finishing positions. Shipping and any applicable taxes are not included. The payout is
as follows:
Finishing Position Payout*
First 20%
Fifth 20%
Tenth 20%
For NASA-SE Regional Championship winners, the payout will be as follows:
Finishing Position Payout**
First G-Force Helmet Gift Certificate
Fifth G-Force Helmet Gift Certificate
Tenth G-Force Helmet Gift Certificate
*Payout is a discount off purchase of select products lines only, to include G-Force Racing Gearís
complete line, Fresh Air Systems Technology driver cooling systems, CatchItCam In-car Video
System, Racing Electronics radio systems, FireBottle fire suppression systems and Shelter
Systems canopies (others to be added). Specially priced closeout or discontinued items are not
included. **A minimum of 3 events with points awarded in each class to qualify.
3. Contingency discount applied when we enter the order into our system. Claims must be submitted
within 60 days of the event (gift certificates must be claimed within 60 days of last race). To
submit a claim, send a completed order form (available from racerwholesale.com or via fax) and
credit card payment information for items being purchased along with published results showing
event, date of event and results to the following address:
Racer Wholesale Contingency Program
1050 Cambridge Square, Suite A
Alpharetta, GA 30004
(800) 886-RACE (7223) - Sales
(800) 397-7811 - Customer Service
(678) 832-1100 - FAX

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