View Full Version : Road Atlanta Questions

03-07-2005, 02:22 PM
Despite everyone up here in N.Y. telling Me I am out of my mind, I am going to make the trip down to Atlanta and wanted to know if there is a noise restriction at the track and if there is any kind of practice I could get in on fri?

03-07-2005, 02:34 PM
Go here Bob, http://www.nasaforums.com/viewforum.php?f=42&sid=d5267f7c2805dce1bb7038130ddc2501

03-07-2005, 03:24 PM
No sire. No restrictions for noise.

Hey Bob - did you get my voicemail? If not call me...

03-07-2005, 04:52 PM
You can make all the noise you want - even at the Saturday nite party!

See you next weekend! :thumbsup:

03-08-2005, 07:08 AM
you guys have it good down there, it seems none of the track you guys visit have any noise restrictions, up here they almost all do, and the Lime Rock limit is notoriously quiet.

Bryan, I did get you voicemail and left you one also, I try you again or if not see you next week.