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Topless In Tex
03-10-2005, 02:00 AM
Like this week has not SUCKED enough...
My ex always takes Caitlin on a cool trip for Spring Break. Last year they went to D.C. and the year before to Vegas. I'm so glad he can do that, cuz I cant, and its real special for them.

Well, Her Spring Break 'Carnival Cruise' out of Galveston, has been the main story all over the news tonight. I am so pissed and upset. She was supposed to leave Monday afternoon. They did not get to board till 9:30 pm on Monday and pulled out Tuesday morning at 4am. With 'MECHANICAL PROBLEMS'.

She finally called me last night at $6/min. to let me know that they did get out, but they will not be going to Cozumel, and Playa Del Carma to swim with the dolphins. They are having to abort and go to Progresso, Mexico, to replace a part that broke down on the ships Propulsion. I am so pissed and upset. The news on TV said that they were given the option to bail out, in the beginning of the cruise and get a full discount. They chose to go , which I'm glad that they did so she could at least be on the water, she LOVES the water. Her dad will get a measley 25% rebate and a discount on another cruise. lol. ya right.

I did not even know the ship was in distress till my mom said she saw it on the news, then Caitlins best friend called me tonight to ask me if I knew, and gave me a link to the news website. Evidently, there are passengers protesting ON THE SHIP. Its a ****ing mess. And, this is not the first time its happened on this particular ship....
anyways. Here is what the Website said. Not much. The news tonight really got to me, to see the ship. They were interviewing people, and showing the ship, and I was waiting to see her on it. I know she is okay. Im just really upset that her Spring Break is RUINED>....

Carnival cruise ship still limping along

05:22 PM CST on Wednesday, March 9, 2005

From 11 News Staff Reports

Repairs crews are trying to get to a Carnival cruise ship loaded with passengers that is having problems at sea.

The cruise ship Ecstasy left Galveston Monday on a five-day trip, but experienced propulsion problems. The ship is expected to arrive at Progreso, Mexico Thursday where the faulty part will be replaced.

This is the second time Ecstasy experienced problems. Over the weekend, the same problem caused the ship to return to Galveston more than a day behind schedule.

03-10-2005, 02:10 PM
That is the same ship and route we took around Thanksgiving. It is a old ship and they need to retire it.

03-10-2005, 02:24 PM
I was on that ship last year. was a fun trip, there were some wierdos on board though

03-10-2005, 04:38 PM
I went on the same crues a couple months ago. Although it was on roal caribian cruse lines. The ship we were on was the Rapsody of the Seas and it was just beautiful. we went from galveston to key west,costa mia,and cozmule where we whent scuba diving.:thumbsup:

03-10-2005, 05:16 PM
I was on that ship last year. was a fun trip, there were some wierdos on board though

Yeah, and I was stuck in a room with the biggest weirdo.

Topless In Tex
03-12-2005, 02:36 PM
I just talked to Caitlin and Louie. They have just got off the ship In Galveston. The news people are there. I never heard from her last night like I was supposed to, and the last report yesterday, was of the 'bad weather' which was keeping the ship from docking in Progresso. When I heard about 'bad weather' I was just real concerned and worried.... I called Louies cell about 7:30 this morning, in chance that he might be able to get a call. They were in sights of Galveston, running on one engine, and I got thru to him.

They NEVER did get it fixed. Louie is FURIOUS! I have never heard him so pissed then when I spoke with him earlier this morning. They could NOT make it into Progresso to fix the problem w/ the ship because of the high winds. The only reason that the Captain was wanting to go to Progresso so bad and dock is so that the Carvival Cruiseline would not have to reimburse the passengers any of thier money, and this is what was causing the 500 or so protesters on the ship to have a 'mutiny'. The protesters wanted to go back to Galveston, to try to salvage the rest of thier vacation, instead of going to some nasty town in Mexico so the Criuse Line could keep thier money. His and Caitlins room was very close to where they were doing the protesting. Caitlin said that was the best part of the whole trip, and she got video of the protesters. They had no idea about the stories in the news, and when I told him about it and that they were calling it "Agony on the Ecstasy" He said that just made his day and he started laughing.

Caitlin said there was NOTHING on the ship to do. They stayed in the room most the time and watched TV (they only had 6 channels.) Thank God he upgraded to a room w/ a big window. They only went down to the pool once or twice. They did have a/c, and plenty of food. Louie said he has never seen so many incompable people in his life. Caitlin said that someone went on a 'drinking spree' at the pool last night, and it accidently got charged to Louie, and they would NOT let him off the ship till he paid it. He's SO PISSED! He said he wanted to punch one guy in the mouth that was working there.. He will NEVER EVER do this again, and he said he has no desire to use the 25% discount on another cruise. They are reimbursing him 50% of the price. They gave the passengers $40 for the first day, because they left a day late, and gave them $100 'credit' to use on the ship to spend. They CruiseLine made a fortune on this trip, I'm sure, there was nothing to do for the passengers but 'shop' and spend money on board. Caitlin said that they were captive and she was upset that they could not make thier ports, and leave the ship. She said her vacation was ruined. So much for getting to swim with the dolphins.

Anyways. I just wanted to let ya'll know, that thier back, and she should be home about 12:30 or so. I'm SURE that Channel 11 will have the follow up on the news tonight. Louie and Caitlin walked around the News Crews, it was starting to get crowded. I'm sure that the news people will be getting an earful this morning... I am still very upset that her vacation is ruined. What a waste of time.

BTW: The Ecstasy is set to sail AGAIN later this afternoon, or tomorrow, fixed or not. Its in the paper that they are advising the passengers that there is a good chance that they will not be able to make its ports on this trip as well.


Topless In Tex
03-14-2005, 02:57 AM
here are a few links to the news. Caitlin is now here with me, and sicker then a dog. I am hoping she will be able to go to school. Her dad is sick too. I made her a bubble bath, and gave her some Nyquil. Hopfully she will feel better tomorrow. Shes got a bad cough, and a sore throat, runny nose and is supposed to sing in a choir concert on Tuesday night. She was just not herself today. We met Paul and some friends (he actually called) and had dinner at Carlos's tonight. She felt rotten, and we came home. Here are all the links to the Cruise from Hell. I am just sick about it. I saw her video her dad took of the 'mutiny' on the ship. It made me ill. They had TERRIBLE weather. Only had sun one day, she got to be at the pool. Spent the rest of the time in the room watching TV. All 6 stations that they had. They had NOTHING for kids her age. All for the little ones, and the pool, and arcade, and that was it.
I am still upset about the whole thing, and after this post hopefully it will be out of my system..... She was SO miserable today, and is sick on top of having her vacation ruined. And, it just really hurts me.
Heres all the links.
and, they are STILL sailing again! They left Galveston again this morning, with the problem not fixed... geez. I wish them good luck.

this one has the video:

the first clip

03-14-2005, 11:26 AM
yea, i heard that Carnaval is supposed to decomission there older ships by 2006.

when I whent on my cruse I took the same cruse from Galveston,Key West,Costamia,Cosemel,then back to Galveston. It was a 7 day cruse on Royal Caribian Cruse lines.

03 cobra toy
03-14-2005, 01:10 PM
That sucks.....

03-14-2005, 03:23 PM
We are cruising Holland in July up in Alaska. Sorry to hear about the crappy trip, sounds like it was a total bust, and when you pay that much money for something like that...well there is no excuse that can be made. Sad sad, and the only one that came out a winner was the cruise line....what a suprise.:mad:

Topless In Tex
03-16-2005, 01:54 AM
One last post. cc and her dad are REALLY sick. They both stayed home today went to the Dr. today, and are both on antibiotics for a really bad Viral Infection they contracted on the ship. He sounds AWFUL and she is MISERABLE, but, shes still in decent spirits, considering.
Her dad kept her tonight, he did not want to chance me getting sick, and missing work. They will stay home again tomorrow. I hope she will make it to school this week. They are going to pick up her school work tomorrow. I miss her, i have not got to see her hardly at all since before Spring Break. If shes better later this week, I might get her a night or two. Just have to wait and see.
I have not heard this week any news of how the 'new' Cruise is going this week. I think they left w/ the problems not fixed, but have not heard or seen anything as of yet.
Thanks ya'll.