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Topless In Tex
03-10-2005, 02:55 AM
I dont know why this guy called me, other than I am Native Friendswoodian since 1966, and he's in my car club, and in the Friendswood Chamber. They wanted to use me to promote this show. But, my car looks so bad. I did not expect that i would have to be there, but, after reading this article, I guess I have no choice. I did NOT intend to be there. ugggh I am not comfortable displaying my car anymore, but, now I have no choice, its hurting so bad.
Here is the article that came out in the Friendswood Reporter today. They only messed up a few things. I got ALOT of miles on my Stang, but its not 133,000,000. LOL :rotf: although, it looks like it. And, I had a 4 PAGE SPREAD in Muscle Mustangs, not a full page spread.
I would REALLY like to see alot of ya'll come out to this show. I feel really obligated to make it a success. I grew up in Friendswood, and they have NEVER put on any kind of show. You can see the shop I work at from the park, they are next door. I would love to see ya'll come out to this one if you can....
Here is the article. And, if any if ya'll are interested in coming out, please let me know..
THANKS! :thumbsup:
Lets get a bunch of COBRAS out there!! :cool:
I hope these attachments are there

03-10-2005, 08:09 AM
I would like to be there, if I am home! Thats a pretty impressive collumn I would like to go just to see your car! :D Are you going on the Austin Cruise? Hope to see ya there!