View Full Version : Parts On The Way...

03-14-2005, 09:04 AM
Well, just ordered my BBK CAI & MSD Plug wires. Giddy up!
I figure, it's time to treat myself to a decent birthday present (last week).
On top of that, I sold my 87 IROC which was wasting its time infront of my house. (actually, it's still there... i got the check, mailed the title, & now the guy needs to pick it up)

SOOO... time to let the Cobra breathe. Hoping to get the CAI on this weekend & pop out the plugs & wires.

Any tips on this? First plug change on a DOHC Cobra. Looks pretty straight forwrd. Need a nice long extention or speed wrench right? Everything's on top?

I'll be posting the question in 4.6 Tech.

Everyone have good monday!